Friday, February 18, 2022

One day at a time.

 Well we are in to the count down days until we head north. What we woke up to a few mornings ago. Been like this a lot this year. 

But by ten o'clock it has usually cleared up. This day all the clouds went away for a while. So we decided to take a short ride out to Cerritos to do some shopping.  Bill getting a good shot of the ocean with his phone. 
Not much going on on the beach during the week. 
Did see some lobsters being brought in.  These were kind of small. 
The colors in them fascinate me. Nature is so marvelous. 

The lady weighing them showed up a pretty big one. I like to look at them, but don't want to eat them. 
Lots of shops along this area. Some little girl dresses. 
Also things for little boys. 
Bought some coffee cups. Getting them wrapped and I bought a couple of my favorite blouses. For seven dollars each I can't go wrong. 
Later that day at home I got bored so decided to cook. I really don't like to cook in the RV. The space is so limited and cramped.
I made chicken tetrazzini. The chicken was very tender and everything else in it was easy for Bill to eat. The tooth , or lack of, is finally starting to feel lots better so he is very careful of what he eats. 
It turned out very good and we got two meals out of it. 

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