Thursday, February 17, 2022

Went into a couple of shops downtown just looking.

 Well two weeks from yesterday we will be on the road for home. I sure hope some of the road between here and Los Mochis has been repaved. I read the tolls have gone up...again! We left home 124 days ago, and I've managed to take a little over 4000 pictures. It has been a strange year. The weather here in Mazatlan seems to get cooler every year for the last four or five years. And with the dang Covid we've not gone to places we used to go to all the time. But we still have time here to enjoy the city. 

We headed over to Centro again the other day, just to get out for a bit. On the Malecon they were trimming the palm trees. He is up there with a machete chopping off the fronds. Check out the ladder. He is WAY up there. 

I don't think he could carry any thing else. Hope he had a good day. 
More tree trimming by the Plazuela Machado. Again with a machete. At least he doesn't have to go too high. 
We were headed, again, to the watchmakers. But again the road we had to turn on was closed. So the detour through a different part of town. Lots of colorful restored homes along here. The metal work over windows and doors is not only pretty it is to discourage thieves. Including the pieces that jut out between homes on the second and third floors. 
Notice the iron work on the upper portion of the blue home. 
A small hotel here. I never tire of all the colors. 
A small narrow store. It is pretty deep. Looks like fruits and vegetables. 
So after making the six bloc detour - all streets in this area are one way so detours are long - we got to the street the watchmaker is on AND it was all torn up. Couldn't get to shop. Oh well, another day.
So we continued on back to The Golden Zone - or as I call it downtown. For once there was parking so we stopped and went into a couple of shops. We've purchase things here before. Mainly my pickup truck and my giant rooster. Everything in here is hand painted. He is pretty. So is the giant urn next to him. 
A bird bath.
OMG - love this big bus. All kinds of things going on around and in it. Only 36000 pesos - about US$1,800!!! Don't want it that bad. Besides I have my pick up truck and rooster. Lots of different things painted on the sides of the bus. And on top of it. 
See the guy inside with the guitar. 
Cow and chicken on top of the truck. 
One of many bathroom sinks. 
Another bird bath. Many years ago we went to one of the factories where they make these. All the designs are sketched by hand and all the painting is done by hand. Amazing to see. 
A stair way up to apartments. 
Have never seen this one before. He is about three feet tall. 

A picture of my rooster (outside of the store before we bought him) - when we are home he sits out on our patio. Bought him a long time ago. He is about two feet tall. 

Finally found out what Gusto al Gusto is click here to see an article on it. A restaurant - looks big - and bar are beneath the platform.

So that is it for today. 


John Boisvenue said...

We sure do miss being there with you. Have a safe trip home.

Doug and Nancy said...

We agree with John. We miss being there with you guys too! Thanks for an entire season of allowing us to ride along. Guess we owe you some gas money!!!!