Sunday, February 20, 2022

More Carnival statues

 A couple of mornings ago I looked out the window in time to get out and catch the sunrise. Also the moon set. Looking north west lots of dark sky.

But looking south east a beautiful sunrise. 

Later on we had some errands to do so headed towards Centro. This is one of those time in a car you wonder should you speed up to get past it or stop so not to go under it. At first glance it was just hanging there in the air above the street. 
Guess it was headed way up to the top. Every one kind of slowed down then stepped on it to get past it. Looked some big steel piece of something. 
Out on the Malecon we passed another Carnival statue. He came up on us quick and I almost missed it. According to Google translate it means "aerostatic fish." An aerostatic is a lighter than air aircraft. Okay.
We were stopped for the light so took a better picture of the grasshopper faced train. 
Didn't catch what he is called. But to refresh memory, this is how the rest of him looks. 
Sweeping the bicycle path. 
There is now some decoration in the Plazuela Machado. Interesting. 
We parked in lot across the street and I just had to walk back and get more pictures of this one. "Mind Machine" They all also have scanning codes that I guess explain more about them. 
A dancer and gear in her brain. 
From there we walked to the watchmaker. The road is still tore up. Never noticed this eye in the graffiti before. 
The work in the street. It is a one way street so no way to drive down it. Watch still is not ready!  Monday....Hope so as we are leaving in less than two weeks.
Continued walking as I wanted to go to the big fabric store across from the Central Market. The sidewalk next to the Cathedral. I hope they never take the tiles out, or if they do that they replace them with the same type.  
Some vendors across the street. Nice little chairs.
No fabric that I wanted. So on the our favorite bakery. Just one block away. Smells so good in there.
Lot more people working there now and a couple more ovens that I could see. Got some croissants and cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls are smaller than previous years and the price has gone up. Sign of the times I guess. But still the best tasting. 
I wonder how he knew what wire he was supposed to be taking care of. Ladder didn't look to steady either. 
Back in the car. A vendor heading towards the main plaza. 
Passing the Cathedral. Either a wedding or a fifteenth birthday mass. 
He did a lot of grocery shopping.
I've posted several pictures of the two LARGE crosswalk topes right in the center of town. Well the other night at 10:30 a car from out of town didn't slow down for them. He ended up taking half of the gate off the entrance to this restaurant. Guess he caught a lot of air. At night if there wasn't a lot of traffic to see slow down they would not be easy to see until too late. Especially if you were from out of town. 
And then we were home. Always something to see when out and about. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Love it! Thanks for all your efforts Carol (and Bill!)

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy thank you