Monday, February 28, 2022

San Carlos

 I got up early this morning about 4:30 so it is going to be a long day. Good thing yesterday we did nothing but laze about;.

Will leave sometime this morning - it is a long driving day, almost 300 miles from her to Amado, AZ. The good thing is the roads are all good until just before US border. And there shouldn't be any check points - but that can always change. And not too many topes on the highway. I wonder how much the tolls in this area have gone up. So far from Mazatlan to here the tolls were US$ 35 more than when we went down in November. Especially the big jump for the Obregon Bypass. 

We are parked in one of the hook ups on the street at Totanaka so we didn't have to unhook the car. So didn't go much of anywhere. The RV park is quite full. The most I've seen here in a couple of years. 

 I walked across to the beach just to look around. It was still before noon so not many people out there. The new ramp down to the beach and the palapas withstood the winter.

I think there might have been some kind of fishing expo or contest going on here this weekend. Saw several people in logo T shirts. And these three guys all dressed alike and with some mighty, to me, impressive fishing gear. They spend some time fishing from the shore here. 
Always a pretty view. Later I was hoping for one of the glorious sunsets but wasn't to be. 
I've posted quite a few pictures from the last couple of times we've been here of the painted decorated dolphin statures that are around town. Well there is a new one in from of Totanaka and it is the best I've seen. Really impressive and a great representative of Mexico. Took lots of pictures of it. 

A colorful Mexican street scene, the agave plant and the tail - a colorful Mexican blanket

We will leave here around 8 I imagine and hopefully arrive in Amado sometime between 2 and 3. 

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