Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Mazatlan drone pictures

Twas a beautiful day yesterday and today is getting off to the same start. But back to yesterday. After leaving the marina we drove along the newly opened Malecon. The big parade is tonight, this was yesterday before noon. Every empty space, including in the center divider, had chairs in it.
Some with people already sitting in them. 
This too is in the center divider. Two tents and an umbrella. 
The restaurants on the beach right next to the new work are being repaired and ready for reopening. 
Truck delivering more chairs. Shade awnings. 
This hotel is building  bleachers. Hope they get them done. 
A newly painted PURPLE building
We found a place to park and walked down the new Malecon to Valentinos. There are restaurants and nightclubs in the buildings. 
Oh, oh, look what Bill found. Two guys with a drone. Hog heaven. 
They talked quite a while and Bill let them use one of his filters which improved their images a whole lot. He ended up selling it to them. He has plenty more. 
Up, up and away. 
Can you imagine walking in these?
Everyone's drones are up in the air 
I'm sorry but this sign (without the translation) cracks me up. I first read it as "Don't piss on the pasta." and cannot get that out of my head. 
Pictures taken, drones landed. Negotiations for the filter. 
Heading back towards home - this hotel usually rents rooms for 450 pesos - look at the price change for Carnaval week. Even the gasoline has gone up quite a bit this week. 
The rest of the pictures are from the drone. I use AUTOSTITCH to put together several pictures taken in a row. This one has six pictures stitched together. 
This one has thirteen individual pictures. You can see the same road in both pictures. The big white building is a great supermarket. 
These didn't stitch quite as well, but didn't want to block it off. 
A short video, don't know why but it is a little fuzzy - out of focus. But interesting none the less. 
Eight pictures from the marina stitched together. Autostitch is a free program if you just use the demo version. 
Picked Mark up and went out to dinner to Ponchos. Nice evening. 


Mark said...

It was a nice evening indeed....

Jackie McGuinness said...

Saw the hotel price increase the other day! Now that's purple!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Safe travels!

Carol and Bill said...

over 100% increase in price

Mark said...

Thanks Jackie, Home safe and sound but not that happy with the 70 degree change in the weather, I'm dying here.
It was a pleasure meeting you.

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