Tuesday, November 3, 2020

At war with electronics!

Before I start ranting, the sunrise on Nov 1st. I was up at 4:10 - very long day! Looking east towards rising sun. 

Looked west and saw the moon was still up. 
Little by little the sky pinked up as the moon was setting in the west. 
Love the bright cloud. 

 GRRRR...Having problems with my laptop, Verizon phone AND Nook e-reader. Is it something I did oh electronics gremlin?  Started out with the laptop. It was trying and trying and trying to upload Windows updates. And got stuck on blue screen with loading circle. Shut off - turned on. Same thing. Worked with it about two hours. Tried solution I found on line. Kind of worked. Some how after many, many colorful words I got it to stop uploading updates. But then it wanted to delete incomplete updates. Back into blue screen cycle. Shut off - turned on several times. Same screen. Finally just walked away from it. A couple of hours went into computer room and lo and behold -     IT WAS WORKING.  But would it come on if I shut it off? YES! it did. So then I went on line to figure out how to clean up the disk and defrag the hard drive. Figured that wouldn't hurt. Luckily found the info quickly and did all that. Turned it off and turned it on - all seemed to be working. BUT will it continue to work for the entire winter or is it going to give me more grief. That is the question. 

My e-reader Nook is also being nasty. I actually paid for a book from one of my favorite authors. It did not want to download/upload it. Took a couple of days of poking icons to get it done. Then about two chapters in it froze up.  Lots of poking on off button to get it off then back on and working - for another couple of chapters. This actually isn't a new problem have been having it freeze up in the past, just seems to take longer now to unfreeze it. So the same question - will it continue to work all winter or...

[UPDATE - got new one, setting it up now.]

Hum...my birthday is tomorrow should I treat myself to a couple of new electronics. Do I really feel like setting them up to work. 

Also for some reason my cell phone all of a sudden told me I was running out of storage and unless I cleared out some "documents" (what documents, there are no documents on that phone) it would quit working. Well crap. I only have about 15 pictures on the phone and they've been there for years. So not the problem. Went exploring and finally found a document folder. Full of a lot of strange, undecipherable things. Could I delete them or not?  Well I did. Storage was still too full. So I started to delete apps. Do they really take up room. Got rid of all but essential, still storage full. Might have to make trip to Verizon store. 

Sunrise Nov 2 - sure makes a difference when there are clouds in the sky. 

We even got a little rain on the 2nd. About 2 minutes worth! Just enough to wonder what we were hearing. And not any at the rain gauge for the city so Vegas is over 200 days without measurable rain. 

Out to do errands today. First to WalMart - it was soooo busy almost didn't go in. Then to bank to get pesos and to Barnes and Noble to get new Nook. Best Buy wasn't open to check for laptop. They opened late because of voting today, I guess. 

Going to fix dinner soon and then be glued to TV set for rest of evening. 


Nancy Kissack said...

Do you save everything to the Cloud? It's always running out of storage so they can charge you for more. I don't use it ... in fact, I turn it off completely. All my storage magically appeared and I've never had a problem since.

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - not that I know of. I don't think I've ever set it up. Will check into it though. Because I did find photographs from way back in 2006 that I sure didn't put on the phone.

Mark said...

Hope your birthday was a great one... HBD

SandyM said...

Happy Birthday, hope there was ice cream and cake in your day and many blessings, too.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark and Sandy thank you - no cake or ice cream. just lots of things to get done.