Sunday, November 8, 2020

New Day New Attitude

 We were both exhausted last night and in bed early, well for me any way. I think by 10:00 we were both asleep. So up early this morning. 5:00!  I am staying up, Bill went back to bed to read. But I don't see any light from back there. I am looking forward to a quiet and peaceful day today. Hopefully I can watch the last NASCAR race of the year. I got the bedroom TV which is not on a satellite set up to get the local channels so I got to watch the Championship race.

Just a short clip from dash cam of some of the dust. We were almost out of the dust, but not the wind. 

We've had the furnace turned on all night. Got darn right cold here last night. And will remain quite cool for a few days. Bill will have to find his jeans and sweatshirt. I might too. 

Some time this week we will go into Mexico in the Jeep and get all our paperwork done and in Nogales we'll buy the vehicle insurance for the RV and car. David, the repair knight in shining armor, will be coming back midweek to get the generator running. Then we'll be good to go. Also just discovered our wonderful "on demand" water heater is not working either. What a surprise. I hate that water heater!
I finally found the Snippet Tool that is part of Windows 10 and got it working. Also think I found Movie Maker. So I think I've got everything up and running on the new laptop. Now if I could just get my fingers on the right keys...and remember where the delete key is when I want to use it. 
Today we both just relaxed, napped and watched  TV soccer games and race. No real plans for next couple of days. 
Some pictures from yesterday. This was when the repair man was working outside. 
After it stopped raining it remained dark and windy and cool.
Cleared up ads it neared sunset.

Here we are today just windy and cold no rain. 

Contessa isn't this your space at Mountain View RV here in Amado. There is another new owner this year - that makes 6 in the last 12 years.


Evie said...

Long time reader first time commenting.
I love your new header picture. Such a beautiful puzzle. And I also enjoy following along with you and your adventures. In 2018 I stayed one night in the same rv park in Mazatlan as you, but I didn't know about you then or I would have stopped by to say hi. Safe travels.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for reading and for the comment. Wish we'd met you then too.