Thursday, November 26, 2020

Sunday - enjoying not having to go anywhere


This is the second post today, Saturday is just below this one. 

Sunday – and the hot humid days continue to pass. Still no Internet. And big surprise. I had put a lot of new books on my Nook  and of course all the books I’ve read over the years transferred to the new Nook that I got just before we left home. So when I finished the one I was reading last night and went to read another one -big surprise - it was there but not DOWNLOADED! Well crap still no Internet and nothing to read for me. We do have a few paperbacks that have been in the RV for years so started one of them. The pages had yellowed and the print was TINY – even with my glasses I could barely read it. That did not improve my mood at all. 

Bill had thrown some bread out yesterday for the birds, so Sunday morning the five chakalakas were out front waiting for him. At least they were being quiet. Just standing there looking in the door. 

We decided to go to restaurant at Torres for breakfast. We were the only ones there at first. Sat up in the bar area. No more linen napkins. Napkins come with silverware wrapped in a sealed plastic tube. Can see it sitting there. 

After use the menus are cleaned off with sanitizer before being used again. The waiters wear masks and plastic face shields.

Really, really enjoyed eating a meal in a restaurant. Bill had an omelet, potatoes and toast and I had eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. Love when someone else cooks it and cleans it up. I had also brought my nook with me and managed to get on their wifi and download fifteen of my books. Yippee!

After eating we went for another drive – just for something to do. All the pulmonia drivers are wearing masks. Little did we know that the next day we would be riding in a couple of pulmonias. 

We stopped at the big Mega/Soriana grocery store to pick up a few things, remembered our bags this time. Well kind of I’d put together all the bags we’d bought last year and set them on the dining room table so we’d remember to put them in the car – Nope. But we did have two bags in the car. When you enter the grocery part of the store, Your temperature is taken, your hands are squirted with sanitizer, my purse had to have a strip of paper attached to it – no idea why  and then you had to walk through sanitizer. We again used an alcohol wipe to clean off the cart. 

Got our groceries, Bill bagged them. And then had to have our hands sanitized again to leave the store. They are really trying to keep things safe. 

The pretty red bird decided to come and look us over. Have seen him, or one like him for years, He never eats, just watches everything. 

I was happy working on the blogs and reading the rest of the day. Bill was watching TV. To hot to go outside until the sun goes down and small breeze comes up.

There is another post below this one - what we did Saturday. 


Unknown said...

Think that beauty is a vermillion fly catcher

Carol and Bill said...

He is very pretty, but never is interested in any thing but watching.