Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A longer walk

We pretty much stayed home over the three day weekend. Just too many people in town and too much traffic. So Monday morning I got moving and took another walk. This time I went north and managed to do two miles. This add on to the hotel has been in the building stage for three years. Wonder when it will be finished? See the pickup truck loaded with beach toys .

I was walking on the sidewalk not the bike path so had to pay attention to where I was walking. The whole area around the RV park used to look like this. Now there are nothing but homes around us. 
Lots of plants with tiny flowers on them. 
Well they are getting ready for Christmas early. A sales office for homes and condos. 

More little flowers. This is a pretty one, not as big as a quarter.
Lots of yellow ones. Again tiny about dime sized. 
There is a really big lot with a brick wall all around it. Nothing was ever done but building the wall. 
This is what is behind the wall. Bushes and trees.
I miss the jungle that was around the RV park. Probably in a couple of years it all will be gone. 
A big tree in bloom. 
Big area of jungle. Probably be homes or condos in a year or two. 
When I headed home I took the new walking path next to the bike path. 
Lots of shade with all the trees. 
This big old tree was killed during a hurricane a couple of years ago. It was huge!
Another big one that is still trying to stay alive. 
See the yellow half metal balls in the street - they do slow the traffic down 
Just a different type of landscaping.  It is a nice walking area. 
So today we are headed back to Centro. I want to go to a yardage store and Bill has to pick up his last pair of glasses. There are two cruise ships in today so it will be busy in Centro. Probably going to have breakfast there some where then do errands and shopping.
We got up at two o'clock in the morning yesterday to watch Argentina lose their first game in the World Cup. That was a shocker. Messi got the only goal for Argentina. Hope the rest of their games are better.

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