Thursday, November 24, 2022

La Noria visit - walk around town.


We made a return trip to La Noria a couple of Sundays ago. Just getting around to writing about it. Here is some quick info about the town. It was founded in 1565 to service the mines that were around it. There are still active silver mines in the area. It is now known for the leather workers there. They produce some beautiful saddles, sandals and belts. It has a population of around 725 people as of 2020 census. There are 240 inhabited homes. I found a really interesting site with a lot of statistics about the town. i.e. How many homes have electricity 100%, TV, radios, employment etc. Very interesting - if you want to check it out click here.

It is about 40 minutes from the RV park in Mazatlan. 

I've taken many, many pictures in La Noria over the years. Just use the search feature to read more about it. The horse is one of the most common ways to get around town, that and ATVs.
Colorful banners hanging across this short street. The hotel on one side an older building fronting the plaza on the other. 
At one time the patio of this building was used as a movie theater. Part of the building is now a home. 
Just another view of the new hotel.
Patiently waiting in the shade for is rider.
This building is the civil registry. You can get married there, register the birth of your child and other legal things.
A big older building now used as a warehouse for grain and hay. 
Has a very pretty sidewalk. 
Where Bill always buys his tortillas. 
A set up selling BBQ chicken. 
Years ago we were told this home was called "the house of the American" because an American lived in it for years. When he/she passed away or moved the house was empty for a long time. It has since been restored and is now occupied again. 

A colorful home.
Another horse just waiting for someone. 
The yard here is fenced. Full of cattle. 

Cacti growing out of the roof.
Another bbq - not in use that day. The building it is in front of is an old building. 
Hand made bricks. The weather is wearing on them. 
Just liked the way this looked. Entrance to a home. 
Back down on the main street across from the plaza. There is a leather shop in front. The leather worker and owner, Johnny, and his father passed away during Covid so no one is making leather goods there, but a jewelry store is open in part of the old shop. Any way, behind the shop are some really old buildings. They were used during the revolutionary war by soldiers. This is one of the rooms. Check out the old ceiling/roof. 
Over the years more and more of the building is crumbling away. 
In one of the rooms were these old unused shoe forms. They were used to make sandals. All different sizes here. 
The wall is really starting to lean and bow out. 
More of the building.
There were stables back there. 
Big pieces of timber used to make it. 
These forms are used to cut the soles for shoes. 
A stack of soles waiting to be used. 
Several of the oldest buildings have these leather signs on them. This one says, "
We were there for the Tiangus - like a craft fair, but I actually didn't take many pictures of it. Need to go back and do that. 

Besides crafts there was a lot of different food for sale.

It was a fun way to spend a Sunday. 


Anonymous said...

Greetings to you both. So happy to see you are back and enjoying life. I’m thankful that you take/ make the time to share your “ out and abouts”. I’m off in December to Vietnam for 3 months but know that I enjoy and appreciate each and every one of your posts. Smiles to you both !

Anonymous said...


Nancy Kissack said...

I just love the old buildings. The history being lost .... So sad they are falling down. I'm guessing no one can afford to fix them up? My kind of town for sure ... I would love to ride my horse everywhere!!

Carol and Bill said...

Dirk - thank you for commenting. Have a safe trip and enjoy.
Nancy - There are a little over 450 buildings in the Centro part of Mazatlan that are designated Historical they have to retain their original look on the outside. Hopefully more of them will be bought and restored. They can be more modern inside but have to remain the same look outside.