Sunday, November 13, 2022

Moving the wire and La Noria

Fun days - Thursday a small caravan came into the park. There was a 45' motorhome with all kinds of stuff on his roof. And of course the Internet wire which comes off the wall and across the roadway got snagged on his roof. Luckily Rafa was there and got him stopped before he broke it. Not the RVs fault - the wire was really had to see. Wire should have been higher. So Bill put a garbage can across the road to keep anyone else from hitting it. On Friday the wire got raised. What a project it turned out to be. Here is Rafa up the ladder putting the wire higher there. It is going to go on the top of the pole right above his left hand. That pole is part of the fencing for the neighborhood next door.  He will use the long pole that is being handed to him. 

Then it had to cross three RV spaces. So that meant it had to be high there too. Needed a longer ladder, luckily one of the RVers here for the winter had one. So up into the trees went Rafa. Way up in the trees. He had to cut branches and wind it around stems, all without breaking it. 

Took Rafa plus two ladders, a manchette and three other guys to get it done and about two hours. So glad for good people. We still do not know what our contract says - do we have lots of gigabits or just a few megabits. Supposed to find out Monday. 
Continuing on with our trip to La Noria. When we were eating at La Martina we found out our favorite waitress no longer worked there. She now works at La Vaca Lupe just up the road a ways. The entrance to La Vaca Lupe. It is a very informal family restaurant. 
Just inside all the pretty umbrellas hanging from the trees. 
Hum...Bill and a friend. 
Just some of the decorations and things that are part of the restaurant. 
Big play ground for the children. 
A few turkeys wandering around.
Teepees - These are new this year. Not sure what they are used for. 
A petting zoo with lots of goats. 
I don't think any one pets him. Yes he is real. 
Chicken coop, fresh eggs all the time. We did find out our friend only works on Saturday and Sunday so one of these weekends we'll have to go there early. 
On to La Noria. 
Some day I'd like to be there when this little store is open. 
The main street heading towards the center of the town. See the tope up the street - it is not rounded it is square. Slow way down.
I like the color of this store and the display of mops and brooms. 
The name in front of the plaza. 
I was watching a guy bringing the bales of hay out. Like they weighed nothing. But couldn't get a good picture of him. 
Getting ready for the Sunday food and craft fair that is every Sunday. 
And we made a quick stop to see Tico the potter. Just to say high.. 
And then on home. 


Mark said...

Funny that you talked about Tico. I am just now enjoying a hot chocolate in a mug I bought from him when you took me to go see him. That was a great day. He is a hard working talented man.

Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely day and Rafa saves it again!!

Nancy Kissack said...

Yikes ... that's pretty high up. Yay for Rafa getting the wires higher. What a beautiful area and I LOVE the restaurant. They even made teeter totters out of trees. I love it!! As for the bull, I'd be trying to pet him. He's a beauty!!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark We'll go see Tico when you are here. Only spent a few minutes with him. We still haven't seen Esmeralda, she works at Vaca Lupe now, but was out with a toothache on Saturday when we went to see her.
Doug and Nancy -We are really lucky to have Rafa around.
Nancy. Very glad for Rafa - without him we'd be in a pickle. That restaurant is really neat. Going to go back one of these days early to have meal