Saturday, November 26, 2022

More why we like it here.

So here is the second part - there can be many, many more parts of why we like it here. But this is a good beginning. On this day there were two cruise ships in, so lots of vendors and walkers out.

I forgot to put this with yesterdays blog. More of this beautiful building. The tile work under the balconies. 

The Casa Haas. This building was completely restored several years ago. We got to talk to the construction supervisor and he gave us a tour of it and told us about its history. At that time is was supposed to be a Carnival Museum. But that never happened. Now it is used for small concerts, art shows and other cultural things. Click here to read that blog. Some interior pictures in that blog. One of the many beautiful buildings in the Centro Historico 

This building was being restored a couple of years ago. It looks great on the outside and work was being done inside. But I notice now the arches to the arcade (walking area behind the arches) are boarded up. Will have to check out the other side of it next time. 
Across the street this building has a great store in it. Any thing you'd need to decorate your home. Could spend a lot of time and money in it. 
The arcade sidewalk of the new three story parking structure. 
Down the block this building is always colorful. It get painted every three or four years. 
There is a living tree growing out of its roof. 
A closer look at its windows. It is an open business. 
I noticed that all the planters on the light poles need to be replanted. They all contain dead plants. Hope they do something about that.
Just a window in a home. All the iron work over windows is for safety. 
A new, at least to us, café. It is a coffee café where you can play board games. 
Just some graffiti on a wall. 
Back to the Plazuela Machado. The dancers are always out when the cruise ships are in. 

Bill talking to them. Don't know what they were talking about but every one was laughing. 
Just a very short video of their dancing. 

Back in the car heading home. We are on a main street. Glad to see someone tried to fill this hole, But it is just loose gravel. Every time a vehicle goes over it some of the gravel gets pushed out of the hole. Without the gravel the hole is about four inches deep. The paving bricks are completely missing.
Stand still a this intersection. On the right there are eight big tour buses parked. No room for the last bus to go past them so he is trying to back up and park to clear the road. Took a while.
Up the main street by the Central Market. Very busy part of town when ships are in. 
Pulmonias lined up wait for tourists. 
Lots of different things for sale. The store behind them is a huge fabric store. 
These pulmonias are trying to turn left - the funny thing is they are all trying to turn into a one lane street. But each one is hoping to get there first. 
A rather pretty new building in town. 
Back into The Golden Zone where the two horrid topes are. Good thing traffic is busy and slow. These things are big enough to launch a car into the air if they hit them going fast.
New buildings going up. It is going to be huge. All one complex. First time I've really looked at it. 
Looks like a fun ride. 
Passing Fat Fish where we went to eat ribs the next day. 
Sunrise a couple of days ago, the first kind of pretty ones since we've been here. 
And that is it for today. Watching World Cup games. Argentina has to win today or they are OUT. They play Mexico. They won!

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