Saturday, November 19, 2022

Another trip to centro

Well look who showed up. Three Chakalakas. I haven't heard them squawking but there they are.

We took another trip to Centro on Wednesday morning. We take the blue route. More scenic. 
Bill had an appointment with the optometrist. At first I though this vendor was sleeping at first, now I see the phone. Lots of selling of hats and sun glasses. 
This was interesting to me. Truck full of pink and blue water bottles. 
So many new high rises up and going up on the Malecon. Changing the look of the city. 
We parked and heading towards downtown. Notice the bow in the wall. Every year I think it will fall down. 
At Optica Nueva - been going there for years. 
Eyes being checked. 
While Bill was getting checked I walked outside. People and pigeons. Not sure if they are happy or scared. 
The colorful Gazebo and the church. Lots of trees and bushes in this plaza. 
Heading back towards the car. The Juarez Building. Pretty old building on Plazuela Machado 
One of the stores on the ground floor had this sign restored. We talked to the owner. He says the sign was mostly worn away - I don't ever remember seeing it. So he found someone who would restore it. Cost  a little over 150 pesos about US$25  At one time part of the building was the first movie theater. in Mazatlan.  
This is also in that old building. We've passed it many time. Looks like an old bank. Thought it was not used. 
This time when we went by it there was a man doing business with someone behind the middle section. So it is still being used for something. Wonder how old it is?
We stopped at Gaia and had lunch. Another old building around the Machado. 
Such a beautiful day. 
Bills Caesar Salad - said it was one of the best he's ever had. 
I had empanadas with chimichurri also very good. 
Just another picture of the Plazuela
For years the upper story of this building was in ruins inside the walls. Looks like it has been restored and people are living up there. New green shutters and curtains in the windows. One set of windows was open and we could see a ceiling fan in the room. Hope they eventually do the Juarez building too. 

Got a better look at the five skeletons draped in black material. This time the light was right so I could see through the gauze better. 
Sure have a lot of teeth!

Back to the parking lot. Willie way back in the back. 
There is always laundry hanging out to dry on the window. 
And then on home. A better look at the changing skyline. 
Just liked this. All Mosaic advertising a store below it. 
Bill's watches and glasses will be ready today, Saturday. But we will probably wait until next week to get them. This is a three day weekend and soooo many tourist in town, traffic will be terrible. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

That is different looking chimichurri, mine is cilantro based. Perhaps it is the photo.

gumo said...

We sure enjoy your daily posts of Mexico with colorful buildings and people. Relaxing and interesting, so thank you for sharing with us all.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - Chimichurri is from Argentina - made with parsley, garlic, oil, vinegar a smidge of a few spices. The one in the restaurant had a few extra things in it. Didn't taste like Bill's but was good.
Gum0- Glad you are enjoying the posts. Hope to be able to find new things to photograph this year.