Monday, November 28, 2022

More errands in Centro

On Friday we made another trip into Centro. Mainly to pick up Bill's last pair of glasses and then go to the fabric store to see if we could find the oil cloth I wanted for a table cloth. 

When driving here Bill always says to "expect the unexpected." Like something  obstructing your lane. Every one is zipping along when all of a sudden every one is changing lanes in front of you. Oh! A pick up stopped so they can unload what ever they are going to be selling on the Malecon. 

Or maybe there is a big garbage truck doing its job. 
We got parked and first went to the optometrist and got his glasses. Then headed towards the fabric store. Passing through the big plaza. The birds took off just as we were in the midst of them. Surprised none of them hit us. Spooky feeling. 
Two women police officers. While walking we saw an unusual number of women officers. Bill finally stopped and asked one of them why there were so many women officers near the plaza and government building. It was a class that had just graduated. The police force in Mazatlan will eventually be 50% men and 50% women. Interesting. 
All around this plaza are men with shoe shine stands. They also do shoe repairs. And they are almost always busy. 
Walking past the Cathedral. The old tile sidewalk. Another street cleaner. No cruise ships in town that day so traffic was it normal chaotic self. 
A shoe store window. Little girls bling shoes. Like gold lame.
Finally Parisina the fabric store. Since we were here in the spring they have added a full basement - doubled the size of the store. Finding the oilcloth I wanted didn't take long. Buying it was an adventure. We found a store employee and showed him what we wanted expecting him to take it to the cutting table. Our first misconception. No he couldn't do that. We had to go to the cutting table and stand in line to wait for some one who would go with us to the material and take out name. Then we had to go stand in this line to pay for it. This line was long - everyone was buying Christmas decorations which were on sale. Finally reached the clerk. Bill gave her his name. She looked on her computer and couldn't find him. Couldn't help us. Go back to cutting table. So back we went - another line, but Bill went right to clerk cutting material for some one. Asked where our material was. No idea. Clerk went looking for person we showed it too. Found her oops, hadn't turned it in to be cut. Picked it up and carried to cutting table. We were told to go back to paying line. So off we went. Yes she had our name. Paid. Then had to go back to area near cutting and stand in line to pick up material. It wasn't there...finally clerk found it and we got it and left. An adventure of about 45 minutes. 

This is a huge store all kinds of material and craft stuff. This is nice cotton for about US$2,50 a yard. Oh our tablecloth oil cloth cost us US19, But it is enough for two tablecloths. I cut it in half and have one for now and the other for when this one wears out. A huge piece.

The clerk who finally helped us. 
Some of the Christmas decorations that were very, very cheap on sale. 
Upstairs, aisles and aisles of Christmas material. I didn't buy any. 
From there we walked up to the bakery. It is back open. To the left of the picture is the semi replaced floor that had to be dug up to replace some major plumbing. 
Back outside heading towards the plaza for lunch. See the front of the tall building. Looks nice but the back of it needs some repair work. It was built before the whole center of town started to protect the old buildings. 
Around the municipal building they have planted the area between the street and the sidewalk with luscious foliage. It is very pretty. 
An antique shop across the street. Ever since we've been coming here the two coats of armor have been in front of it. Either they are very expensive, no one wants them or they are just decoration, no idea. 
One of the restaurants in the Plaza. It is also an art gallery and a boutique hotel. 

We again ate at Gaia in the plaza. Bill had the Caesar salad again, but a bigger portion that came in a bowl instead of the tortilla bowl. 
I had a hamburger and fries. It was good, but the bun was too big for me. Too much bread. 
A fifteenth birthday girl. Her family was in the ban. 
A neat little cafĂ©, need to try it out sometime. I think they just have sweet things. 
He was sitting there playing and in his own little world. 
Asked if I could take a picture. Her parents were so proud of her. Of course Bill talked to them. 
Back to the parking lot. It used to be several buildings. Here is where one ended and another began. Look how thick the walls were. All very old hand made bricks. 
The roof line of one of the buildings. At some time a taller building was built right next to it. 
Then home. I forgot to take my camera with me - I know - how did that happen? So I was using my phone. I will never forget my camera again! The phone and I do not get along. It is way smarter than me. And it won most of the battles we had. 


Kathy Tycho said...

I find I use my new cell phone for pictures way more than my camera. The pictures end up on Google photos and I don't gave to transfer them to the computer. Always too much bread on a hamburger for me too.

Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks Carol. Very nice day out with you and Bill!

SandyM said...

Great blog - thank for sharing. Lovely photo of the you Mexican girl in her beautiful gown.

phxxer said...

I had a similar experience at a discount fabric store in Phoenix. you decide what you want, the clerk writes a ticket and takes it to the cutting table, where you wait your turn. Then the cutter takes it to the register and you have to go wait in line again. Finally you are reunited with your fabric after you pay the clerk at the register.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - I'm going to stick with the camera. Every time I went to use the phone, I had to turn it back on, then it would tell me something I couldn't read cause the print was too small. I'll just keep transferring them to the computer.
Doug and Nancy see you soon.
Sandy - it is always nice to see the dressed up girls and they are always willing to let me take photos.
phxxer -that is a real hassle, hope it stays with just that store.