Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Short visit to Cerritos and seeing a friend

 Yesterday was a quiet day for us. Hung around the RV most of the day except for a quick ride to Cerritos.  A new sign and the plants are growing. Looking really good since they built the new restaurant. The weather was perfect for just walking around and enjoying the area. Humidity has gone down some. Thank goodness. We were at the restaurant looking at the menu thinking of eating lunch there. We had almost decided to when a small tourist bus pulled up and 15 people got out and went into the restaurant. Next time we go up there we'll eat there.

Looked like all the boats were already in. Lots of people out on the beach enjoying the food and the water. 
My mistake another boat came in. They pull it part way up on the beach and unload it then put wheels under it to pull it the rest of the way up for the night. 
All the other fishermen there come to help. 
Looking way down the beach where people were seated under tents - heard some music. Three piece band there.
Back to unloading the boat. 
The guy in the green shorts is in his sixties - he has been there as long as we can remember. 
A truck selling watermelons to the restaurants. He carried a wheel barrel  loads it up and takes them to the buildings. 
In one of the small tourist shops. Haven't seen these before. Kind of cute. 
Just walking around - The traffic circle has been improved this year. A fountain in it now.
Roy's Restaurant has a new display of what they serve.  Steaks, ribs, whole fish and octopus. Not sure about the one on the right in the middle. 
Nice to see all the shops open and people buying things. It has been so quiet the last few years. 
A bit of serendipity! Bill talking to a friend of ours who we haven't seen for about four years. We are from Vegas, in Mazatlan and walking around Cerritos. Enrique is the owner of El Mirador RV  park in Huatabampito. He and his family had been to a wedding in Guadalajara and stopped in Mazatlan for a day or two. Just happened to go to Cerritos same time as us...We will probably stop at the RV park on the way home. 
Noticed that there is now a walking path built along side the bike path. Guess the bikers got tired of all the walkers. But still saw a lot of people walking on bike path. 

Stopped on the way home to get a smoothie and Bill got a hamburger - yep a beef hamburger. He ate most of it and it didn't bother him. So maybe once in a while he can have red meat instead of chicken. 
I think we finally figured out our Internet. We got a bill, due Dec 3rd and checking the amount due we THINK our contract is for 300 gigabits a month. That is good. 
First drone video of the year. Just a short one of the RV park and the area around it. It starts out looking south at the new individual homes in various stages of being built. Then west with the ocean. Then to the north where there has been massive building of homes the past few years and around to the east then back where it started. 

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