Saturday, November 12, 2022

Lots of lights and a short road trip

So far since we've been here there hasn't been a pretty sunrise or sunset. Either no clouds or too many clouds - more like an overcast sky. And the wind has been blowing every day.

Here is a short video of the lights around our site. 

I said we have Internet, well we do, but have no idea how much...megabites?, gigabits? hardly any?, a whole lot??? Trying to figure out their web site for answers. Somewhere on there it says 1000megas, but that is only ONE gigabit and cost is US$71 a month - can't be right. Also have used way more that that watching TV last night...Either have to call them or go in to see them. Another day. Hopefully today we can get a hold of someone at TelMex and figure out what we have available to us.
Yesterday morning we took a short road trip to La Martina Restaurant and then on to La Noria. Of course took some pictures. We took the kind of new road that goes into little town of El Habal. I was surprised at all the traffic going through town. Usually it is pretty quiet there. 
The road to La Noria. The vegetation is so lush this year. Every thing has grown so much and is still so green. 
Pulling into La Martina. All the bougainvillea have doubled or tripled in size. And lots of yellow butterflies all around them. 
The restaurant as always is beautiful. Again the bougainvillea have grown.
The three wooden piggies have moved inside from the side lawn. 
Even great decorations in the kitchen. 
Looking out over the back lawn from our table. Bill had chicken enchiladas I had fruit, yogurt and granola
This is neat way to use an old stump. 
Every thing is so green this year.
Took a walk around the yard.  The steps and balcony area. 
Every time I see the beautiful steps I imagine a bride coming down them.
I don't remember seeing these before. So cute and colorful. 
Still a few Day of the Dead decorations up. 
As always had a great meal and enjoyed the ambiance. We continued on to La Noria but will save that for today's  tomorrows blog cause I think we won't be doing much of anything today. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I have one of those dolls on my wall!

Contessa said...

Wow! Lots of lights.

Why don't you get a Telcel SIM card and sign up for Paquete Amigo Sin Limite 500. For 500 MXN you get 6 GB's.

I think tomorrow I will sign up for 4 GB's for 300 MXN. we do have internet at the park - most of the time.

Doug and Nancy said...

Glad to see everything is looking so good. The lights around your spot look amazing!

gumo said...

Awesome video of your outside lights! Thanks for setting them up for all to enjoy!
I’m just guessing, but I’m betting your fiber internet is unlimited. I’ve never seen a fiber company have limits on usage. Just an observation I’ve made.