Friday, November 18, 2022

Rest of day in El Quelite

 Continuing on with our visit to El Quelite. Hum...wall hanging worthy? 

John they painted the house you and Bill built. 
Looks like this one got a new coat of paint too. Same color but fresher. Well except for upper wall. Look at the size of those ferns. 
I wonder why they painted this side a different color?
Stop the traffic. He just took his time crossing the road. 
Yep we went back the blue road.
They have about 2/3rds of the bridge built. But this whole section has to be finished. So guess we were going to ford the river. And the access road that was about where the men are standing here is no longer there.  Had to ask someone how we could get to 
river. No problem get back on road to Marmol and turn left when you see the dirt road. 
Okay, no problem unless there was traffic coming from the other way. And right after I took this picture there was. Bill had to make sharp turn just beyond wall to get in driveway and out of the way. 
And shucks, we didn't have to ford the river. They've built a dirt roadway for the traffic. 
Away we go. 
Some of the new parts of the bridge. 
I didn't realize it was this big. And that so much had to be replaced. Supposed to be done by end of December. 
I made sure to change the memory card in the dash cam before we started home. Idea was to get video of the crossing of the river. Well when I took it out and opened it - there was no video - just a blank card. Don't know what happened as I've used that card in the dash came before. So will check to see if it was the card, the camera or maybe I didn't get it in right. 
Today the upholster is supposed to show up and we want to go to the new bakery that is not too far from us (think cinnamon rolls) and to WalMart for a few things. Going to be hot today up to 88 again. Glad the wind starts every afternoon to cool things down. This is a holiday, three day weekend - so probably won't do too much that involves going into town. 
So we went to the new bakery - it is just a few miles behind the Walmart we go to. Owned by same person who owns the one in Centro that we always go to. It is at Av. Real del Valle 4018. Easy to find. 
It has a little café there too. 
The famous cinnamon roll. Also got a chocolate croissant. 
Already eaten half of my croissant. 


Mark said...

Your killing me with the cinnamon roll picture. Well things are looking up. The crepe place by your place now the bakery close by. Mmmmmmmm. Nice to see them both expand to new locations.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks for the bakery update. I went to Artesanos in centro yesterday and it was closed..owner was waving saying he'd be open today. I went Hectors bakery and got bread and when I came back the pile of dirt in front of Artesanos was gone and his shade was up. The more bakeries I know about the better!!

Jackie McGuinness said...

I showed John the house they built!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - Not that long to wait...the rolls from Centro are better...
Kathy - The one in centro is now open. The new one is about 7 km away from us. but pretty much straight shot up the road.
Jackie. the house looks really nice now. The restaurant is so different without tree.