Thursday, November 3, 2022

Last day in San Carlos

 Tomorrow morning we will be on the road south again. 

Today we went dolphin hunting. Took some of them from moving car through the windows which are all tinted so some of them are fuzzy. Took this one coming and going. 

This one is very detailed. 

The one next to it. 
Tjis one is different, the stand is different too.

This one was different - all mirrors so hard to get a good picture of. But very pretty. 
Flowers and birds on this on
The other side but taken through there window.
I got out of the car and ran across the street to get some of these pictures
Same area  one side.
The other side. Sea life
Saw this on top of a restaurant. Big purple octopus. Hard to get a picture of him.
This is the last new one we saw. So much detail and wheels for the stand. 

We only missed one that I know of and it is way on the north side of town.  The other ones I've taken pictures of before. Some this year and some last year. 

Probably won't be able to post tomorrow from the truck stop. Some times I can pick up their signal most times not. So next post will probably be from Mazatlan after we get our Internet set up again. 

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