Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Some sights from Centro

 Headed to Centro early yesterday morning to go to La Antigua for breakfast. I never noticed the tile work above their door before. Always something new to discover.

Seems like a lot of the homes have been newly painted. Lots of bright colors. 
This one is the famous Mazatlan Pink. 
After breakfast we walked around a bit. Bill had some errands to run.  This was by the Plazuela Machado. Wonder what is in the box. 
There were two cruise ships in so the dancers were out in the Plaza. 
Just looking down the street on one side of the plaza. All the pretty details on the buildings.
I have always liked this building. I wish someone would buy it and finish restoring it and use it for something. It is empty now. Right across the street is the three story parking building finished early this year. 
First errand - the watchmaker. Bill dropped off his watches for cleaning and new batteries. They were joking that the watchmaker still has Bill's favorite watch that can't be fixed. Maybe this year he will be able to find a part. Probably not. 
There is a small store that makes copies right across the street from the watch maker but it was closed - the ONLY time I've ever seen it closed. We needed to get a copy of our permit for the Jeep to keep in the Jeep. So the watchmaker told Bill there was another place just down the street. Walking there we saw this. Heard the noise first. What is it? 

A set of metal stairs. Not something you see being pushed/pulled down the street every day. Where were they taking it?

Next stop optometrist - made an appointment for today. Then continued on towards THE BAKERY.
There was a sign saying there is a little store down this narrow opening. Next time we go by I'm going to check it out. 
OH NO _ the bakery was closed. Major plumbing problem, No kidding - trench dug from road clear through store. It should reopen in a week. Hope so. Craving cinnamon roll!
From there we headed towards the central market. Just a store across the street. Sporting goods
One of the many street vendors. That is coconut. 
The market was packed, had not learned yet there were two ships in. One of the many fruit/vegetable stands. 
Walking back towards the parked car. Just some things that caught my eye. There are two holes in the wall so someone painted a skull around them. Looks like it might have had a crown at one time. 
A different sign. Mosaic for the fish.
Did some one just happen to have a spray can with him and stop to do this. 

Kind of the walk we took. Google Maps and I don't agree on some things. 

Back to the Plazuela Machado. Walking down towards the Theater. Nice colorful little food and drink cafe. Seeing a lot of umbrellas used for decoration and shade. 

Headed to Nid Art to see if our friend who owns it was there. Passed two guys with full trays of pastry on their heads. It looked good. Got to see Rak - the owner - for the first time in a couple of years. 
Still there waiting for a group of tourists to stop. 
Back in the car going by some new murals on a restaurant Really need to walk by them to get a good picture, but these are okay. 

Then on home. It wasn't really HOT out but the humidity was pretty high so I got pretty hot and worn out with the walking. Took short nap in the afternoon. Today back to Centro for Bill's appointment and to grocery store to buy  green and red peppers to make paella. Might make banana bread with our home grown bananas. 


SandyM said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the colorful paint on the buildings - just makes you happy to see them looking so bright. Also the colorful coconut. Have never bought or eaten it like to take a look at it when we see it. There use to be a cart near the market every time we would go there. Will look for it again in January!

Doug and Nancy said...

What an awesome day.

Nancy Kissack said...

I absolute love the bright colors of Mexico. At one time I thought I would paint the inside of my house those colors, but I didn't have the nerve. That market ... so many fresh vegetables. I would love to shop there!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - never got any of the coconut either.Too many bees buzzing around the outside carts. I wonder if they are different flavors - I'll try to remember to ask next time I see them.
Doug - it was a nice day. But still too hot to walk very far or long.
Nancy K - I too love the bright colors - thus all the pictures I take. We have one really forest green wall in our living room at home. And once I had a small bathroom with orange and yellow walls. Lots of veg/fruit stalls in the central market. Most have really fresh and good stuff.