Monday, November 14, 2022

A night out

 We kept busy over the weekend. Saturday morning we went to the La Antigua near us for breakfast. I had something different - the American Breakfast - eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. Pretty good. Bill has his caramel, banana, cream cheese, walnut crepe. Always good. Again we ate outside on the upper patio. 

Looking down on the back lower patio. They were just setting it up. 
OMG - does any one remember this - My Mom and I had one just like it. It is a hair dryer. The hose connected to the pink cap which went over your head then you turned it on and hot air blew into it.  I have forgotten about these. 
Finally got the hummingbird feeders up. Within five minutes three of them were feeding. I hope the bats don't find them. They will empty them in one night!
Our bananas are getting ripe. Think I'll make banana bread but they have to be a lot ripper. The plant they were on broke with their weight so they fell onto the ground. So now they are on the small table outside in the sun.
Yesterday we had a really busy day. Went to La Noria for the tianguis - food and craft fair. Had fun their - pictures another day. Then to grocery store, home for a rest and come evening we drove over to Plazuela Machado for dinner and music. Have never see so much traffic on a Sunday night. The weather was perfect. In the mid 70's. We ate at Casa Canobbio, were going to eat at Gaia but no tables left and it was only 6:30. Music didn't start until 7:00. Again we've never see both restaurants so full on a Sunday night.
Of course we were there to see Rafael Rodriguez play. We've know him for about 12 years. Just a short clip of him. 
Walking to the Plaza from the parking lot. Such pretty buildings with the lights on them. 
Sitting at our table looking around the plaza. Lots of people and lights. 
Another short video. 

For the last three years dancing wasn't allowed in the plaza. Guess that has changed. 

A group of ladies dancing. the one in the black dress danced almost every song. A couple of them are in their 80's.

Just looking around the Plaza. One of the old buildings.

Rafael playing one of Bill's favorite pieces. Just a short portion of the piece. Malaguena 

Click here to see it in full screen 

Walking back to the parking lot. 

This is new, wasn't here when we left in the Spring. 

It was a great evening to spend with friends.


Mark said...

Nice to see those 4 ladies still up and dancing.I know the one is Rafael's wife. The 2 older ladies amaze me every year how much they are up and dancing. Good for them...

Doug and Nancy said...

I completely remember that type of hair dryer being used in our household! Funny how you forget those things until you see them again.

Nancy Kissack said...

Wow ... Rafael is good!!! Love that song too!!! As for the hair dryer, yup I had one. They worked really good at putting me to sleep!! What a fabulous place to stay!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - she just keeps going. Rubye is there too, she sang a few songs.
Doug and Nancy - I had forgotten completely about them until I saw this one.
Nancy K - always enjoy going to watch him. It is pretty nice to be here again.