Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rest of walk in the Wetlands

Kind of a bummer of a day today. Went to see doctor and my infection is back in full force. I thought it was but was hoping I was just being paranoid. So another round of antibiotics. 
Finished one project today. The high chair is reupholstered and repainted and put back together and out in the room where it belongs. I don't think it will be able to take another upholstery job though. It is getting pretty fragile. I'll have to treat it with care from now on.  
On the way home I bought the backing for the quilt and have decided on the border. So did a little work on it today. 
I want to finish my story about my walk in the wetlands yesterday. 
The other bird peaking out of the reeds. 
 While I was watching him swim around I started to hear a loud buzzing. Thought to myself - that is some humongous bug. It kept getting louder, then seemed to be staying in one spot. I finally looked up to see a drone looking down at me. Anyway I assume it was looking down at me as it just stayed there for a while. So I waved at it - no not that kind of wave - a nice normal wave. Finally it spun around and flew off. Kind of spooky.

 As I continued on my walk I heard footsteps behind me, glancing over my shoulder I saw a middle aged man heading down the trail towards. I'm ashamed to say it made me a little nervous. So I stopped to take this picture. Thinking. If I stop he'll keep going...
 As he neared me he smiled and said "Hi." I said "Hi."  He introduced himself as Dave and we commented on the drone and wondered who was flying it. We walked on a ways together. He asked me if I was familiar with the Book of Mormon and would I like to have one. I told him I'd spent several years in Idaho Falls Idaho and most of my friends were Mormon so I was quite familiar with the religion. But no I didn't want a copy of the book. We walked as far as the next split in the trail and both went our separate ways. Very nice man but made me think I probably should carry my phone with me. Another little creek along the way. 
 Right about then I felt a few drops of rain. Looking up I was surprised it was just a couple of drops.
They sky was sure getting dark. By then I was back on the paved trail heading towards the gate to home. 

 A bright spot of flowers along the creek. 
 Looking off to the south east. Just puffy white clouds there. 
 More drops of rain. 
 Went through the play area in the park before heading to the gate. Some neat art work in the cement walk ways. 

 All things that live out there. 
 After going through the gate into the neighborhood I decided to walk up to the mail box and pick up the mail. Passed this house. Bill calls this a "Mother-in-law" paint job. You just paint what your mother-in-law will see - the front of the house. I wonder if that will pass inspection. I think it is empty and belongs to the park.
Tomorrow I'm going to make the banana bread - muffins. Will read recipe closely and not go through any doors until it is in the oven. 


Barb said...

Hi! I Haven't posted in a long time...but I felt I had to today. Don't go walking alone in the wetland area with out a phone and maybe pepper spray. Las Vegas is a "melting pot" of can't be too careful. It looks like a beautiful area though.

My son and his wife recently moved there and your posts are like visiting to me. Please keep up the good work! (and you quilting is inspiring me to get back to mine). barb

Carol and Bill said...

There have been NO problems in the Wetlands. There are usually a lot of people there. Families walking and playing and lots of people on bicycles. But I am taking the phone with me.

Contessa said...

Love these photos, great job.