Sunday, January 2, 2022

Another visit to La Martina

Between Christmas and New Years we went out to La Martina for breakfast again. We go early and there is not as much traffic going out of town as there is in town. Clear weather, nice drive out there. This is the newly repaved part of the road going to La Noria.

Parked - I never noticed this before. The pot with plant in the middle of the wheel. Kind of like it. Seems like there is something new to look at every time we go there. 
The flowers on this tree are amazing. Looked it up - finally found it - It is an African Tulip Tree. 

Flowers not  quite opened yet. The pods are weird. 
The orange really stands out amongst the deep green leaves. 
Some of the beautiful bougainvillea.
View from our table. We got there at 9:00 and were the first people there. By 9:30 almost all the outdoor tables were full. 
There has been a new addition to the restaurant. 
Sitting in the tree right next to us. 
The owner, Maria, introducing the parrot to us. She is young and we were warned she bites. 
Sitting on a chair at our table eating a chip that Bill gave her. (I was glad when Maria picked her up and took her away.)
Giving me the evil eye. 
Tried a new drink instead of CafĂ© de Olla. This is cold - coffee, caramel, chocolate and whipped cream. Delicious. Calories, calories and more calories. 
Bill talking to Esmeralda, one of the waitresses. She is so sweet. (Mark, notice she is pointing to her empty ring finger,)
Bill's breakfast. Enchiladas, potatoes and scrambled eggs. He says it was very good. 
My breakfast - Chocolate Waffle - very good and very sweet. It comes with fresh fruit. 
Oh just noticed him. Would love to have him, not for sale though. 
Beautiful fountain in patio. 
The piggies have been move, no longer on the porch now they are out on the grass. Had to go looking for them. 
Look at the size of that fern.  They grow so great in this weather. 
I missed the arch - we took a different way home this time. Went through the little town of La Habal. There is a new road that goes out to the main highway from town. So we are checking it out. The main street into town from the free highway 15. 
Produce truck making a stop. 
The church plaza in the background. 
Water purifying business. 
He was selling fresh shrimp. 
The new highway leading out of town. It wasn't paved when we left in the spring.
So that was all we did that day. 

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Mark said...

Well after the ring comment all I have too say is.
I hope that bird doesn't poop on you. It seems to happen too you every other year.