Friday, January 28, 2022

Some drone videos

Sunset Jan 26th - just pretty. not spectacular. 

Bill took the drone up just for the heck of it. A different view of sunset. 
A few pictures left over from when we did our short walk. These were after we got back in the car. Another building needing some TLC.
Trying to get a good picture of the Beetles, but seems like the sun is always in the wrong place. Is it just me or are the faces a little ... strange. Of course I haven't seen the actual cover in years. Forgot how old they were then. 
The yellow submarine. 
A building on Angel Flores that has been given a face life. Looks really good now. 
I think this one has been painted fairly recently too. 
A fishing boat way out in the water. Nets out. 
Tourist boat, maybe whale watching. 
Riding through a different part of town. Really nice iron work on the gate. 
Hope they get a neighbor who wants to restore soon. 
The blue line on the street starts at the cruise ship terminal and leads people who want to walk a ways right down town to the Plazuela Machado. 
The years are wearing this one away too. A lot of work in it. 
Four different homes here.
Many, many very small stores along the roads. About 20 feet wide if that. But most of them go back quite a ways. 
Sun rise yesterday morning. The early bird gets their picture taken. 
We went down by Valentino's in the afternoon again. For two reasons, take drone up and eat pizza at La Mona. Finally got a half way decent picture of the Mazatlan Family. 
Statue, Mazatlan sign and Valentino's. All tourist photos. 
Wow, no one in picture and some blue sky decided to show up. 
La Monas is just opening up. 
The next three pictures are snapshots from the drone. 

The turquoise strip is the bicycle path. It now runs from Cerritos in the north to Olas Altas in the south. 
Some video from the drone. Click here to be able to see it full screen. 

Sorry it looks jumpy it was fine until I ran it through the editing program to put it on UTube.  


Lee said...

So colorful and so interesting! As always, thanks for taking us along.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you Lee