Friday, January 7, 2022

Just every day stuff

The other day our small air fryer quit working so we decided instead of an air fryer we would just buy a toaster as that was all we were using it for any way. Toasting bread and muffins. Went to WalMart and and got the only toaster they had. Works great. BUT - now that we don't have it we want an air fryer.

So back to Walmart and Sam's Club to look for one. WM didn't have any. Sam's did, but we thought the ones they had were probably too big for our space. Didn't get one. But to make up for not getting one we decided to go out to lunch. A lot of the tourists have gone home so traffic isn't too bad now. Still a lot of out of town cars here though until this coming weekend.  Anyway. Ended up in Centro at La Antigua - addicted to those crepes. It was around noon so thought "no parking and crowded." 

Driving down the one way street to the restaurant we saw debris in the road ahead. Looked like dirt. WOW - got closer and it was debris from a BIG HOLE in the street. No orange cones or markers of any kind. Glad it was day time. (I took this picture after we'd eaten, now there is yellow tape up closing off the street.) See the red car stopped - that is how far we got before realizing what was the problem. Well we are on a one way street - we only need to go one more block to get to parking for the restaurant. So what to do. Can't go forward. If we back up and turn left - on the one way street behind us, we will have to make another left turn on next street then go three blocks before we can go left to go another four blocks to get headed back the right way on another one way street to drive past the street we usually park on...etc, etc.....SO what to do. Well back up  turn right on wrong way street, go to next corner and turn left on another one way street going wrong way. Might add it is a VERY narrow street no room for car and bicycle on it. No other cars coming made it to corner to turn left on right way street to go one block to parking. Whew. Got a couple of strange looks as in DUMB GRINGOS! But made it okay. And in our defense - there were no signs telling us which way to go on the street. So managed to park right across from restaurant where we usually park after all.

Much to our surprise it was almost empty so we got to sit outside in the patio.

Only a few other tables had people at them. Enjoyed our crepes, I ate the whole thing. After eating Bill stopped to talk to the manager for a while so I took pictures. Love the work on this clock. 
The tiles on the ledge of a window.
Finally a decent picture of the fireplace. I think it is beautiful 
The lobby of the restaurant all kinds of stuff to look at. 
In the entry way of the restaurant. 
Back outside in the car. Traffic jam. (going correct way on all one way streets.) Every body blowing their horns. No one was going any where until the first truck finished unloading. 
You never know what you might see when driving around Centro. Getting her picture taken. 
Stopped to talk to her for a second. Lots of detail on the dress. 
Watch saga. Part is made, installed in watch and watch is running. Come back next week when he is sure it will keep running. Bill very excited...
Just thought this was funny. 
Look Out! Driving along when all of a sudden there is a pickup parked in the lane because the guy is cleaning the street. No warnings. Always be alert for the unexpected. 
So home again. This year we don't have a bread/fruit tree. In fact been doing very little feeding of the birds. Just some stale bread now and then. Though lately we've been buying extra rolls for them. Look who showed up to check it out. Haven't seen him this year until yesterday.
Looks like he doesn't like his picture taken. Guarding his piece of roll. 
We've moved all of our potted garden to the edge of the concrete. They just weren't getting enough sun next to the RV. All of them are growing like crazy now. 
When the big birds come every one else leaves. And they fight amongst themselves for crumbs. 
Coming home from Centro the other day the engine light came on so a call into our mechanic Pablo. Turned out to be just a loose wire. All fixed now. Nice to be able to call a mechanic and have him come over the next day. 
And then we went out to buy an Air Fryer! Back to Sam's Club and got a Hamilton Beech Toaster, baker, air fryer, rotisserie - more than we need. But did cook some french fries in it for dinner. But now have to figure out how to toast bread and muffins in it. 
Yesterday our friend Mark from Canada arrived - so we'll be busy for a month or so.


Lee said...

I just finished reading "All the Way to Argentina" on my Kindle. What an adventure! And what a hoot! Thanks for all the chuckles and the occasional belly laugh. Very entertaining!

On a different subject: Have you talked to any more RVrs who recently crossed the border with toweds? Did they have to unhook and cross separately, too?

From your pictures, it doesn't look like Las Jaibas is very crowded yet. Does it seem like the Canadians are still staying away?
Have fun in paradise!

Carol and Bill said...

Lee - Thank you for reading the book and glad you enjoyed it.
I've talked to several RVers who've come down towing. Some have had to unhook, others did not. No consistent reason. Just luck I guess.
There are 20 of us here in the park. All but 3 or 4 are Canadians. I think the ones who've been coming for years are getting older, selling their RV and either staying home or buying condos and flying or driving their cars down. A lot more than last year are coming through.