Wednesday, January 5, 2022

How we spent part of Christmas Day

A little catching up. On Christmas Day we had friends coming in on a cruise ship. They had booked a tour that was going to take them to the Tequila distillery. She told me the tour company and their itinerary, so I thought it would be fun to meet then there. So off we went. It is still so green here from all the rains during the summer.

Lots and lots of new fields of baby agave plants. They were really busy over the summer. All the old big plants were harvested and replaced with young ones. A plant has to be over five years before it can be harvested. Usually older than that. 

Entering the property where the distillery is.
According to the itinerary they would be picked up at the boat at 9:00 and go to the tequila place first. So we figured they would get there about 10:00. So that is when we got there. Except for one caretaker we were the only people there. A good time to take pictures without any one else in them. The 250 year old tree at the entrance. So glad the hurricanes didn't manage to topple it. Though it looks like it might have lost some branches and leaves, 
There is a big bougainvillea that has grown up into it.
Lots of flowering bushes this year. Guess they liked all the rain. 
Another worker showed up. It was about 10:15 I thought the tour bus should have been there by then. 
The old way of grinding the bulbs of the plants. Burros and a wheel. 
The ovens the plants are cooked in before grinding. 
Another interesting tree with a bougainvillea growing in it.
The processing and bottling building. Love the colors.
Some old machinery on display.
More new plants that need several years to grow.
This used to be another huge tree. It died so had to be cut down. Now the flowers have overtaken it. 
Just some butterflies and or moths that were enjoying the area. 
Looks like a mosaic. 
Nature is so amazing.

By now it was almost 11:00 and no tour bus, so much for my figuring out their agenda. But some ATVs showed up. About eight of them. I think this was an unscheduled stop.
Either the ATV was acting up or the person riding it couldn't handle it. The guide moved the person to another ATV with a driver and parked the one they were on. Then the tour left to continue their trip. Strange. 
By now the person who conducts tours of the distillery and offers tasting was here and so was the person who mans this booth. 
Finally gave up and headed home about 11:30  Tour driver changed itinerary - oh well.  Guess they got there about 20 minutes after we left. It is always a nice visit out there. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Love the Moths! Oh well a nice quiet tour by yourselves and...not too sure I'd want to get too close to people off a cruise ship.