Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Busy time at Cerritos beach on a Saturday.

On Saturday just to get out for a while we went to Torres for breakfast. One of the beach vendors showing us his wares through the window. I have always liked the crepe paper flowers. In fact years ago the first time Bill and I went to Tijuana I bought some. Had them a long time until they faded. Goodness over 57 years ago! Maybe I'll get some before we go home this time.

Instead of going back to the RV we took a short trip to Cerritos beach. It was about 11 o'clock in the morning. Stayed about an hour. From when we got there and when we left business really picked up on the beach. They are moving the canopies closer to the water - I guess the tide is going out.
Only a few tourist further down on the sand. 
A waiter carrying some drinks to customers way down the beach.
I think they were selling some thing, but not sure what. Strange get ups. 
Lots of different sea shells for sale. A lot of them come up in the fishermen's nets. 
A lot of improvements were made here during the summer. The big new restaurant being one of them. And all the concrete benches got painted. Painted but not repaired. Have to be careful to not scrape the backs of legs when sitting on them.
This man is always here. One of the few times I've seen him just sitting down. He is forever helping with something. In the picture of the canopies he is helping move one of them. He helps when the boats come in. Helps to get the wheels under them, helps to drag them up the sand, helps to carry the cooler full of fish up the stairs. 
One of the restaurants, it too has been recently painted.
Loaded up with snacks to sell. Also has on an apron with deep pockets to carry bottles of sauces for the snacks in the bags. 
At first look nothing special about him, but then I noticed what was in the bag. 
Lobsters...No I didn't go over to look down in the bag but I recognize the antennas. Thank you, no. 
Another vendor, sunglasses and hats. No idea what is in backpack. Walking back and forth on the beach. 
She has a big table with lots of stuff to sell. Shells, coffee mugs, t-shirts etc. 
Oh, guess he got a phone call. He left the beach. 
She has something baked.
Hats, baskets and purses. 
Wonder what they are talking about. He sure has a load but at least they shouldn't be too heavy.
A closer look at her goodies. Cookies? Gorditas?
More people on the beach now as it was warming up.
The big new restaurant. I guess they painted the benches.
The music has arrived. Looking to see if they should venture out to the beach. 
Heading into the restaurant instead. 
People starting to sit down to eat. Now that is REALLY ocean front dining. Feet are almost in the water.
Another vendor, looks like bracelets. 
Way out there is an oyster diver. 
Mangos and other fresh fruit.
He also has a pick up he sells from. 
There are also al lot of small shops with all kinds of things, mostly clothes, for sale. 
Also a couple of restaurants. Easy to spend a whole day there just watching and enjoying all that is going on.
Saw this pickup as we left. Might be watermelons or coconuts. Not sure. I think coconuts.

Always fun to go there and just enjoy the nice weather. That day I guess the fishermen had already come in or they didn't go out. 


gumo said...

What a great visit today! Thanks for taking us along!

Carol and Bill said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes just watching the simple things is great.