Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Fun day in Centro saw the cliff divers.

We had an interesting day yesterday. First we went out to breakfast in Centro at, of course, La Antigua. Bill ordered for him and me - our usual crepe - with caramel and cream cheese, bananas and walnuts. Also coffee. Mark ordered his OJ and crepe - I should have taken a picture of it. The only difference was instead of caramel his had Nutella. A lot of Nutella. We got our drinks okay but for some reason they brought Bill something weird no idea what it was, but for sure not what he ordered. To make a long story short - his meal ended up as take out. Oh I forgot. The block of the street where the restaurant is was closed - so we had to take a long way around to finally get to it. Then ended up parking in the middle of the street where the closed barrier was. 

Then we were going to go to the watchmaker. That street was blocked off too, fixing the potholes. Next time. Then to the bakery to get some cinnamon rolls - Mark wanted them! And discovered it is closed on Monday.  So I guess we will have to do it all again another day. What a hardship - not.

So we ended up at  Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada that is where the Clavadistas are. Clavadistas are the cliff divers. Parked across the street. Years ago someone painted a whole retaining wall with different birds. I didn't think any were left. Little by little vegetation covered them. So was surprised to find these. 

Headed across the street. Talk about good timing. The two diver were just heading up to the platform. 
They were both going to dive. Up on top. 
Just seeing him standing up there give me the shakes. He is watching the waves. Has to time his dive just right when the most water is there. 
There he goes. 
Not a whole lot of room for error. 
A video of the second diver. He stands there quite a while waiting for the perfect time to dive. You can make the video full screen - there is no sound. 
I walked over to the other side of the area to take some pictures of the sculpture. This is the original statue, the little boy next to her looks like Cupid, with a quiver of arrows carried on his back. The sculpture was possibly created as early as 1980, but more likely in 1993 by Pedro Jimenez Corona. She is know as "la Sirena" and is one of the many sculptures, monuments along Mazatlan's Malecon. 
I took this picture last year. Cupid is long gone. 
This is what is left of her this year. Her left arm is gone and her tail is gone. Accidentally broken or stolen. What a shame. Made me want to cry.
This young man is fishing. 
He has a line with a weight and a hook and bait. Slings it around the tosses it out into the water. 
Another look at her. 
A zoom of the Malecon skyline. Sure is changing.
A regular picture - quite a ways away. 
Steps up to the divers platform - the divers don't used them but the tourists do. Not me!
Spent a little bit of time there. Bill took up one of his drones. He and Mark talking about it. See it?
Some raw video from the drone. Click here for full screen.

You never know what you will find in the road as you drive along. No warning barricades or anything. Just LOOK OUT.
These two orange barrels and a cop are always here in the road. No idea why. Maybe because there is an intersection that is used a lot there. But every one has to merge to get around him. 
Another LOOK OUT only know about it before hand because the cars in that lane and pulling in front of you in your lane.
Oops - surprise - need to get into the other lane. He is using a roller to paint the cross walk. 
At least they have a barricade up. 
And so that was how we sent our morning yesterday. It was so humid out that we didn't do any thing but stay inside with the AC in the afternoon. 

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