Friday, January 14, 2022

Scenes from El Quelite Restaurant El Meson De Los Laureanos

Way back on Tuesday we went to El Quelite. I took so many pictures I think I'll do a couple of blogs. This first one will be mostly about the restaurant we always go to.  El Meson De Los Laureanos. Much damage was done to the restaurant during the fall by the hurricanes. But it is open and busy. 

A lot more farming going on along the road this year then in years past. 

Guess the grass was greener along the road. 
Of course the ARCH. Must always take a picture of the arch. And then if you are driving watch out for the topes
Filling his bucket with water. 
Laundry drying on the roof of the restaurant. 
The old broken green benches have been replaced with new colorful ones. The restaurant in the back ground. 
The wash next to the restaurant used to be much deeper. The flooding during the hurricane brought in a lot of dirt and water deep enough to flood the restaurant. 
The entrance to the restaurant. Glad this wasn't damaged as it is only a couple of years old.
Inside the big old tree that shaded the entire restaurant is gone. It came down in the flooding. Some items that now rest on its toppled trunk. When we were here in November The second floor (in background here) didn't have a roof. That has been repaired. 
This part still needs repair. So many interesting things where ever you look.  
No matter where I look I find something beautiful. Like the stair tiles and all the plants. 
More stair tiles and big colorful plants. Colorful table clothes - now covered with plastic for easy sanitizing. 
Bill and Mark talking to the owner of the restaurant. He took Bill way in the back of the restaurant - to the back room with the amazing mural. It sustained quite a bit of damage and is closed during repairs. It is quite a bit lower then the rest of the restaurant so had a lot of flooding. 
A mama and a couple of her chicks.
He made it known he didn't want any one else sharing his space.
More decorations. You could spend hours and notice or see everything. 
We enjoyed our meal and the service as always.  
The horses are always waiting outside the restaurant for riders. Lots of vendors there too. 
A pony. Haven't seen him before. 

Then went out to walk around the town a little bit.

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