Sunday, January 23, 2022

The rest of Friday in Centro

To pick up where I left off. After breakfast Bill heading into the Panama bakery across the street.

So much to choose from. 
The staff helps you pick out what you want. 
Loaded up with the bakery bags heading towards the car. Past some wings on the sidewalk.
As we headed towards the Plazuela Machado we could hear Tango music. Discovered a couple dancing. Stopped to watch.
Bill grew up dancing the Tango so he offered them some advice on a few moves. Here he is dancing with the woman, demonstrating how the man's step should be done. The couple were from Oregon. 
Had a nice visit with them. Strange how things work out. An Argentine dancing the tango in Mexico with a couple from Oregon. 
On our way back to the parking garage. One of the old buildings in the Plazuela Machado. This is Pedro and Lola's restaurant.
Some information about the building. 
Back in the car heading home. Another traffic jam. 
Wonder what they are doing. This is the sidewalk in front of the parking garage. They just finished making the side walk a couple of months ago. Trees? new street lights? something they forgot to do? 
A beautiful old building. 
Finally been trying to get a good picture of this for quite a while. Interesting. 
A tray of pastry of some kind for sale. Probably heading to the beach with it. 
Had never noticed the Burger King sign before "La Casa del Whopper"
And on home. 


Lee said...

So funny about the tango! Bill may start a new tango craze with his white tennis shoes.

Carol and Bill said...

Lee - he enjoys it no matter his footwear. When he was young he used to "borrow" his older brothers shoes when he snuck out to go dancing.