Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wednesday the 12th - evening out.


Last Wednesday we finally made it to Fat Fish for RIBS. Well Mark and I had ribs, Bill had chicken. For years the day we arrived in Mazatlan we made sure to have dinner at Fat Fish. This year we broke our record. Bill no longer can eat pork. So we waited for Mark to arrive. Daniel the griller with this years version of the ribs. Also price went up 2 meals for 300 Pesos. I think when we first started going there it was 2 for 150 Pesos. 

This years plate of ribs. You no longer get a green salad with the meal. Just the cole slaw, potato and garlic bread. 
A couple of picture of the RIBS in the past.  They still taste very good though. 
Now that was RIBS.
After eating we drove across town, heading to the look out point to watch the sunset. Another loaded motorcycle, or maybe it is an ATV. Can't really tell for sure in the picture. But I think there are two wheels in the back.
The sun is starting to go down ads we drive along the Malecon. Most of the tourists have gone home now, so traffic is moving along. 
One of the statue in Olas Altas. This is a Mexican movie star - Pedro Infante. Known in Sinaloa as the idol from Guamuchil. We got to the look out point just ad one of the cruise ships was leaving. Heading north. There was a lot of mist in the air and just getting dark. I was surprised the lights weren't blazing on the ship. 
Right after it came the Baja Ferry. 
And about five minutes later the other cruise ship was leaving. 
Not much of a sunset, you can barely see the ship heading north.
The second one is going south. 
By the time we started home the lights on the sidewalks in Centro were on. They sure make the old buildings look great. 
One of the newer buildings on the Malecon. 
The two bright light posts have colored lights on them and they shine on the ball in the center of the round about. The lights change colors.
And then we came home. Just a short outing. The weather the last week has been cloudy with a little sun and quite windy so it gets cool as soon as the sun goes down. Been kind of hanging around home. 

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