Tuesday, January 4, 2022

First Monday in 2022

Have been pretty much staying home last few days. We did go out to early dinner on New Years Day, our anniversary. Sat outside in palapa just watching surf and all the people on the beach.

I sure do want to do this. They were really busy and the rides were a lot shorter than they usually are. I'm surprised they were even up as the wind was pretty strong. 

So we've been away from home for 80 days today - about another 80 before we get back home. Depending on what we do or where we might stop on the way home. 

It has been getting pretty cool here at night - stupid thieves who took our electric blanket. So far we haven't been able to find one here. Though we are going to go to Sears and maybe Liverpool, an expensive department store, to see if they carry any. Bill was checking on Amazon and boy have the prices gone up since we bought our last one. No dual control under US$ 100 - and most higher than that. Then add in shipping and customs charges it would be in the two hundred dollar range to get it shipped. Hate to run the furnace at night.

Been checking on the news from home. There was another fire in The Wetlands  Burned 9 acres but the fire department got there quick. And also a home in our community burned down. No one hurt, thank goodness. It is/was clear on the other side from our home. And the HOA raised the fee another $49 again this year. Read the minutes from the community committee and they are thinking about getting security cameras at the main gate! and maybe a gate or chain for the RV parking lots. Gee that would be nice. But of course it is up to the company that owns the property...and they are cheap.

Also read that homicides in Vegas are up 61% over 2020. 139 last year. Already been 3 this year! Most of them on the other side of town from where we live. What is the matter with people now days. 

And the covid rates there are way up again. But the deaths are down. Listening to news about counting Covid cases. One example of a person being counted as Covid was a kid who broke his leg and was in the hospital to get it fixed, but because they tested him and he was positive he is counted as a hospitalized Covid case. Even though he had no symptoms and that isn't why he was there. 

It started out dark and gloomy here yesterday, guess that was affecting my mood. Need to get out of RV and do something. 

Well the sun came out and we went to market (I forgot to bring the bags AND the list.) Glad we had extra bags in car and I even remembered everything on the list. Amazing. Going to make banana bread later today. Hopefully I have all ingredients. The recipe is one of the best I've tasted. 

Just as it was getting dark Bill brought out his "flying saucer" drone. Looks great in the air. See why I call it a UFO. Up about 200 feet. 

Just as I snapped the picture he started to bring it down. 
Up about 30 feet. As good a picture as I could get. The props are spinning.
And I did make the banana bread. Waited until it started to really cool off last night as it takes one and a half hours in the oven. It is very good and I had all the ingredients.
A lot of the tourist have gone home now so there was very little traffic when we went into town to the market and then to drop of the laundry. 


Mark said...

So what's it gonna take to get you to go Para sailing????

Kathy Tycho said...

Happy Anniversary!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - a nice day, no wind, courage
Kathy thank you

phxxer said...

Do you have any J C Penny stores in Mexico? Can you order from Penny's for delivery to you? They have a queen in 3 different solid colors for $84.95. I bought a plaid queen size on sale a couple of years ago for $55, dual control. Phil