Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Oystermen at Cerritos Beach

 Kind of continuing with Cerritos Beach day. I find the oyster-men and what they do very interesting. I hope you enjoy it too. At the red arrow is one of the men diving for oysters. Actually he is now heading towards the beach. 

Still in the water with his innertube and equipment. 

Every thing is secured to the inner tube.
Walking up to the beach. Sorry it is fuzzy. 
Getting help carrying his load of oysters. 

Taking all of his equipment off the inner tube. There are a lot of oysters in the net beneath the inner tube.
Guess he had a good day 
Setting up his sale table. 
Sell fresh oysters. 
He has changed his shirt and shorts and brought out all the different sauces to put on the oyster. Heading towards water to fill the bucket. 
Bucket full of water
As close a look as I could get of the oysters. Ugly looking things.
Cracking them open with his hammer. One by one.
On the table waiting to be sold and eaten.
So far no customers. But they will come.
I'm wondering how long they can keep getting oysters from this area. With out running out of Oysters. A couple more guys out in the water gathering oysters. They use a yellow float to mark where they are. 
Looks like they are equipped better. Wet suits and masks. 

Even flippers and gloves. Serious divers. 
His harvest is in the white bag. 

Looks like a pretty good load. 
I got distracted and lost him after this picture. Don't know if he sold at a restaurant or got in a vehicle and left. Interesting to see the two different approaches to collecting oysters. 
Always something interesting to see here. 
The weather here has been unusually cool and there has been a cold wind. And the sky has been really cloudy. Not nice puffy one, but mean looking entire sky dark ones. 
We did get out yesterday for a while. Today we wait again for the mechanic. Bill went to start the RV and nothing. Used the cables and the Jeep and got it running. Left it running for a while. Shut it off and nothing again. So new battery today. It is the original battery so time I guess. If it stays nice might go somewhere this afternoon. 


SandyM said...

Very interesting photos. You said oysters are ugly looking things - I so agree both outside AND inside! I shudder watching Rex, son and son-in-law eat them on the half-shell back home. At Christmas my daughter and I decided to try a fried one but that did not work for either of us! 😳😳😳

Unknown said...

Am curious as to how much he sells the oysters for. Thank you

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy -I no way could eat an oyster. I remember my folks eating clams from the lake when I was young. ICK
No idea how much he sells them for. If he is there next time we go back I'll try to remember to find out.