Monday, January 17, 2022


I was watching the workers building the home next to the RV park. They have put the ceiling in and are now putting blocks of Styrofoam on top of it. Insulation? Still needs its roof, or maybe a third floor. Today they are still up there walking around.

On Thursday we decided to go out in the afternoon. Unusual for us. But I wanted to see the new restaurant/night club in Valentino's. It doesn't open until 1 o'clock. Just parked in the lot. Free with a receipt from one of the restaurants. Traveling band looking for a gig. 
Onaltica This is what I wanted to see. A blurb about it. "With an innovative concept adapted to the natural beauty of the bay of Mazatl├ín and its sunsets, and an investment of more than 8 million pesos, Onaltica: Barra de Mar, the new concept of restaurant bar, was inaugurated in Punto Valentinos." And here we are inside it. Mostly a bar. With a heavy seafood and red meat menu. So here are some pictures of it. 
It is part of the Valentino's complex that is being remodeled. I've seen pictures of this at night - beautiful. 
Nice place to sit and have a drink and watch the sunset. This picture is looking north on the beach. 
Just a couple more pictures. Really nice place.
The bar. The waiter and waitress were very nice letting us walk around. 
This is the entrance.
Back outside at the beginning of the Malecon Looking south on the beach. . 
"Valentino's is a land mark. Its grand architecture can be seen from a very long distance on the Malecon. It reminds one of a Disney castle." Another blurb. "A disco icon of Mazatlan of the seventies and eighties and still very popular after 2000, agonizes between abandonment, family lawsuits and economic debts and taxes with the SAT of the Ministry of Finance. Since a year ago, perhaps less, you can no longer see the multicolored lights that at night and in the distance was a positive sign and reference for locals and visitors." Actually its been several years since it has been lit up at night" Last year the city decided to start restoring it. Thank goodness.
Here is how it used to look at night with all the lights on it. 
On the Malecon next to the building. the Lopez Saenz Monument with its stylized Sinaloan family, The Family Monument was created to celebrate the beginning of the 21st century, this elegant bronze sculpture depicts a Mazatlecan family looking outward with an air of optimism.  Sorry the picture isn't better. There was a lot of glare.

Looking south on the beach, lots and lots of new construction. 
One of the Mazatlan signs. Very seldom find it with no one in front of it.  Christmas decoration is sstill up. 
The Pride crosswalk. The policeman stops traffic for people to safely cross. 
I went up some steps on to Valentino's deck to get some pictures. Looking south on the beach again. 
Didn't realize until I got up there how badly the building has been falling apart. Lots of missing plaster and everything metal is rusted. Thought about going up those stairs but didn't. 

All metal will have to be replaced. I think that used to be a patio for a restaurant. 
Broken windows, more rust. People are working in that room. 
The gate leading back to the Malecon. 
Sure hope they keep working on it. 
We then had pizza at the brand new La Mona pizza restaurant that is right next door. By eating there we got to park free! Very, very good pizza - want to go back soon. They have great outdoor seating and good service. Then on home.

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