Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Friday 0ops! It isn't Friday any more

 I have been super lazy and reading a couple of super interesting books. One was Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax. About three very different working together to restore a beautiful old house. Also we have been out and about a little. Other wise no excuse. I've had the pictures ready to go for days. 

So here is our new air fryer Hamilton Beach - does everything. So far I've used it for toast! Was going to roast sliced potatoes in it last night but sliced to many of them so had to cook them in a sheet pan in the oven. Yes, I did cook dinner last night. 

So way back last Thursday, I think it was we took Willie in for a car wash. Actually it is more like a detail as it takes forever - 40 minutes. But they do an excellent job inside and out for 70 pesos  about US$3.50. Also in the waiting area outside they pipe in great music.  
I think this was Friday morning, we picked up our friend from Canada, Mark, he got here Thursday and headed across town for breakfast at La Antigua. The ice truck delivering ice to the restaurants on the beach. The truck driver unloads the ice and leaves it on the sidewalk, restaurant people have to get it to the beach. 
Took a round about route to the restaurant to avoid big hole in the road - which we discovered later had already been patched. So some old, new murals. Weird ones. 
Reminds me of Covid. Speaking of which, protocols here are being really enforced. 
A set of garage doors. 
Here we are parked right across the street from the restaurant. Very narrow street. Have to pull in side mirror so other cars can pass. 
We finally found it. Though had to go around block so I could take a picture of it. The Pirates Museum. Right in downtown Centro. Have to make reservation to tour it I think. 
Just a nice looking building. 
New "smart" traffic lights. No left turn and stop is obvious.
This one I had to ask Bill about. I know it is a green light with still no left turn -  and Siga means "keep going"  Or I guess GO if you been stopped for the Alto.
A nice clear day for once. Not so much mist in the air as there has been. 
See the inscription on the wall Clavadista means diver  So high divers. Actually I've only seen one person ever dive from here and I think he was crazy. I even managed to get a video of it. Most of the high divers here in Mazatlan dive from a different area quite a ways from here. Click here to see the post about the crazy diver also turn up your sound
There is no room for error. 
A picture of the Malecon from a long ways away. 
Not a good picture but I see they added the Yellow Submarine behind the Beatles statues. 
Some pulmonias that I guess are used for tours. There are three of them painted (wrapped) like this. 
Have a few neat things to write about tomorrow and next day. But just wanted to let every one know we are fine, no problems. Except my write muse was on vacation. 

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