Thursday, November 10, 2022

We have Internet!

 Internet installers were supposed to be here at 10:00 yesterday.  Finally showed up at 2:30 with a cable only able to provide 10MB of Internet - I DON'T THINK SO...So - much talking went on, which I, of course, didn't understand a word of. I think money exchanged hands and by 5:30 we had fiber optic cable Internet. BUT unlike the old cable we had that came all the way down the wall and across the access road (every one coming down the road drove over it) to the back RV sites and then into the RV. Where it crossed the road it was on the ground in a trench. The Fiber optic cannot be on the ground, it is very delicate. So it now goes over the road and through the tops of the trees to the RV. Works great - UNTIL a big 40 foot motorhome came in and caught the cable on its AC. Luckily Rafa was there and yelled at him to STOP. Rafa had to go up on roof and release the cable from the AC then go back down and with a very long pole hold it up so RV could pass. Luckily cable was not broken. Hopefully by tomorrow we (someone) will be able to get it raised high enough to clear the tall rigs. Until then I hope no big rigs come in.  

And that was our excitement for yesterday. Bill and Rafa also put more lights up - very festive outside at night now. Today we will wait for the upholster to return with the covers for the arms of the sofa. Oops - He isn't coming until Saturday...

Took some pictures of the Day of the Dead skulls in Centro the other day. So will put them here. Each one had a theme and was done by a different person or group. Some of the more colorful ones.

The patio with one of the new planters of geraniums 
The rest of them. I think we need a few more plants to fill the between spaces. 
We spent some time in the car wash this afternoon. Like one hour and ten minutes. They do do a good job though. 
Then to the grocery store for a few things. Had to go to two different stores to find good lettuce. Now home, doing nothing. Reading and playing with my fast Internet. We did go out to breakfast this morning - to the close La Antigua. I had a crepe with just caramel and walnuts. No bananas or cream cheese. Pretty good. 
A couple of more rigs came in today. Couples that have been coming here for a long time. Good to see them. 


gumo said...

Fiber Internet is the way to go!!!
I like your header photo and all the others. Maybe Bill will take a dusk photo with your outside lights on.

Contessa said...

Yikes re the tall rigs. Been there, done that in Acapulco for a few years. 10MB!!!!!!!!!!!mmSo what do you have now? Love the skulls, so much attention to detail.

Do you pay Rafe for planting your flowers in pots.?? How much? We can do much of it ( well Colin can ) on our own but we always get Ishmael to do it so that we can give him some extra cash. Just not sure if we are underpaying or overpaying.

Another cool nite here in Vegas. 37F. Leaving early in the morning for for a warmer climate.

Glad you got some internet at least.

Grandma on the Road said...

You are really smart for not being in Las Vegas right now. Brrrrr! Even you would be cold!