Thursday, December 31, 2020

Another trip around Mazatlan. Got a late start so lots of traffic.

Just some catch up photos.

We went out to breakfast the day after Christmas and by the time we got on the road people and cars were starting to show up. Love this old pulmonia that is now a taco truck. 

The vendors along the Malecon were already set up and ready for customers. 

Just coming to Olas Altas we took the turn to drive down Angel Flores - one of the most photographed streets in Mazatlan. Usually though it is photographed looking the other way. It is a one way street which doesn't show it off as well. Any way here is the dash cam video of driving through it. As always click here to see it full screen

A couple of years ago there was a world wide tourist convention here and the city planted all these lovely plants along the wall. They are growing and blooming like crazy and look beautiful. The houses are all built way up on top of the wall with a sidewalk up there. Beautiful home most of them restored. 

Love the different colors of the homes. Like I said from this direction it doesn't show as pretty as it is. 

Too much traffic to stop at the other end to get pictures looking back. An idea for another day. 
Heading towards the Plazuela Mach-ado. A little green house. Wouldn't you love to see the inside? I would. 
We stopped at the Plazuela and walked around a little. Some information about this building. 
Restaurants upstairs and two downstairs. 
The ceiling of the arcade part. 
The lovely tire flooring. 
Just looking up at the corner of the building.
The other side of it. 
This building is across the street. Like the balconies and arched windows. 

Walked a bit down the street. A piece of art (?) outside one of the restaurants. 
This is an art gallery, but have never seen it open. 
Interesting look to this building. 
This is such a pretty statue. La Mujer Mazalteca is a lovely bronze statue/sculpture . She is the monument to the women of Mazatlan. 
Heading back down the Malecon towards home. We got to the  Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada. The spot is usually referred to as "El Clavadista" by Mazatlecos -- "clavadista" meaning cliff diver The was was pretty rough and no divers on the platform.  We found a space to park across the street. So got out and walked around a bit. 
A few vendors set up along the sidewalk. There used to be so many more, with a lot of food vendors set up along the curb. Now with the bike path there they canst set up and no one can park to watch the divers or visit the vendors. 
Not many tourists there. And most were wearing their masks. 
Walking around on rocks in flip flops.
Another great Statue. 
La Reina de los mares (Queen of the Seas) is a mermaid statue on the Paseo Claussen promenade in Mazatl├ín.

I took this video with my camera. Wish I'd stayed a little longer on the dolphin statue. It is really pretty. 

Happened to notice this vendor selling Mexican trinkets. Read what it says on the box under the arrow I added. 
On his way to work.
This building has been empty for at least 12 years,. The signs say don't enter,  it is not for sale, it is not for rent and there is a mean dog on the property. It is prime property wonder what is going on with it. 
Then on home. 


Kathy Tycho said...

As usual another beautiful pictorial look at Mazatlan..thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

It is a city that begs to have its picture taken.