Thursday, December 10, 2020

Stopped by Guardia National and asked for car permit

For the first time ever - well no I guess it is the second time, cause we got asked for it at the Sinaloa border - we were stopped while just driving around and asked for our car permit - our TIP paperwork. I had made a copy of the copy we were given at Km 21 and have it in the glove box. I also have a color copy of it on my phone, the one they emailed to us. But the black and white copy seemed to satisfy the officer. This video has sound, but you have to turn it up high. 
By the way has any one else noticed the Policia Federales no longer exist. No more dark blue cars or trucks along the roads. They were replaced by the Guardia National. We have got a couple of different answers about what happened to the Federales. One was some of them are now Guardia National, some are just gone. Also told GN consists of police and military. But today the officer said no military. Not sure any one knows. The new cars are white. 
Any way we were on our way to El Quelite when we got stopped just before the turn off. A truck and a couple of other cars were also stopped. But while they were talking to us several cars just drove by. Very polite and professional no harassment of any kind. Just make sure you have some kind of copy of your TIP in your vehicle. 
To see on YouTube full screen click here.  I did it right this time. 
But back to Mondays drive about. Heading home from the look out point. 
Just a view of the city from atop a hill. 
Hum...discovered a road we'd never been down. Kind of narrow and steep. How is that car going to go by us. 
They were lifting it up to the balcony from the pickup. Sure hope the guy on top has a good hold on it. 

Here is a video of the drive down the narrow street, through Olas Altas and into Centro.  
Click here to see full screen. 

I just liked the way the sun was lighting up the building in Olas Altas. 
He was painting a new mural. Not sure which building it was on. Will check next time by. 
The area is Olas Atlas  Tall Waves. Though I've never seen them that high here. 
Another one taken cause I like the colors and light. 
The road next to the Central Market. They are progressing, might be done soon. Until they come up with another reason to tear it up. 
Going up the hill from Centro heading towards the ocean. Some one lives in this home. There is a couch in there. And the other day I saw someone sitting on it. 
Another picture I just took because of the light and shadows. This was the part of town that was here when we came through in 1978 on our trip to Argentina. 
It is a pretty skyline. 
And then on home. To watch another Hallmark Christmas movie. Actually we also watched the local news from Las Vegas. Lots of problems there with Covid. Feel safer here.


Kathy Tycho said...

Good info about paperwork for next year. You'd think the sticker would be enough. Lots of covid now at home in Terrace, BC too. Think we're better off here too, especially mentally and physically with the sunshine and ability to be outdoors.

SandyM said...

Great street videos and great photos. Really enjoy your posts and especially reading the posts since you returned to Mazatlan last month. Thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - there is no more sticker, just a piece of paper and you don't get the original, they give you a copy in black and white and send the copy of the original in color to your email. Being able to get outside is a big plus.
Sandy - glad you are enjoying. Will try to keep finding interesting things and places.