Thursday, December 17, 2020

More different buildings

Continuing our walk the other day. This is an art gallery in the Plazuela Machado. Interesting entrance. Really interesting stuff inside. They also have a restaurant and hotel rooms. 

Another side of the Machado. Most of the ground floor consists of different restaurants. 
The pretty yellow house around the corner. Interesting texture under the balconies. 
Right next to it on the corner. It is now a bank. At one time empty, then a jewelry store, then empty. Now a bank.
The steps and floor of the bank. 
Building across the street. One of my favorite buildings. It is empty and falling apart inside. Built in late 1910's
This is an interesting home. For years it was empty and unfinished. Then about 3 years ago someone bought it and finished and restored it. It is now being lived in.  Would love to know how much it cost to redo it and finish it. It is completely white except for the pointed part, it is blue tile.
Very short doors street level. I would have to duck to go into them. 
They've had a beautiful mural painted in the back. Had to take the picture through a screen. This is at the end of their driveway. 
Another building that should not have been built. 1950's maybe, Have a wire!
Tells its own story. 
This is the building. 
Would love to see this one restored and used again. 
Another picture of the house that was just painted. At one time bright yellow, then Mexican pink, now gold and white. 
Even the side of it got painted,. 
This one is for sale. Wonder what it looks like inside. 
This is an interesting building. Really fancy. 

No idea what it is. Or if it is even occupied. 
Interesting roof. 
This is also a neat building. It at first was a German owned store. Built in 1904 
The wall, the tree and a door built into the both. 
Looks like new owners here. been painted and decorated. At one time housed a tourism office then a jewelry store. Now it is an art gallery where several different artists will show their work. It also has a coffee shop. 
And that ends our tour for today. 
Took some other pictures that day that I'll share at another time.
Both of us have caught a bug in our stomachs so we were talking about maybe we should go home. But then we listened to the Las Vegas news yesterday morning. Clark County, where Vegas is, has the 2nd highest ratio of Covid cases per capita of all US counties. Think we will stay here. Got some pills for the bug, already feeling better. It was not a serious bug, just icky feeling. 
We went up to Cerritos for a while today so Bill could fly his drone. Pictures later time. Baraka RV park is full of RVs from Utah. I believe it is a group that comes together every December. Glad they are in town.


Jackie McGuinness said...

A bank, now!

Dirk Digler said...

I’m laying in bed after back surgery.... and am compelled to comment again on your fabulous photos and choice of subject matter. Like a virtual walkabout in Mexico. I love just walking around. Thank you for taking the time to take so many pictures and then to post them. I really appreciate them and you. Hope you are both feeling better. Warm regards. Dirk. Also love your home Christmas decorations!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - yep wonder how long that will last
Dirk - I came across your first comment on my blog, from Vietnam the other day. Thank you for sticking with us for so long. Hope your surgery went well and you'll be up and about soon.