Friday, December 18, 2020

Just some things that interested me.

 Another pretty day here. Went out for breakfast and then to buy some produce then home. Took a nap so am a little late getting this together. Also for some reason our dash cam started acting up. I hate when something is working good then it isn't. Needed to format the new memory card. Took me a while to remember how to do it. Because of course the directions are probably at home on my desk!

These are just a bunch of unrelated pictures of things that caught my eye. This is some kind of succulent plant with red instead of green leaves. Very Christmassy.

And a window decorated for Christmas. The light was wrong so picture isn't as good as it could be. 
A shell motif wedding cake, the buildings across the street reflected in the window. It is at a Panama Bakery. 
Watched this lady, she brought out her Christmas plants one by one and watered them on the sidewalk. Later we went by and they were all back inside. 
A big old tree we walked by. 
This is part of the Christmas stuff in the Plazuela Machado. Guess you can go in there and have your picture taken. Maybe it lights up at night. 
I am always looking in open doors and saw this. What ever it was I don't think it is in use any more. No signs, no one around. Kind of in a narrow empty room. 
Need to go potty? 10 pesos right here..
A satellite dish on the roof of the Cathedral. I guess the priests need to stay informed. 
Want your car washed. No problem. Every block has at least one person waiting to wash your car. And they do a really good job. And just in case you wonder. The water they use is always clean. They have spigots all over to get clean water. 
Of course, Bill in the bakery, I like their flooring. 
Should have got a better picture of the outside of this old home. Lots of different colors of paint showing on it. 
Looking in the bared windows. Those are roots of a plant coming down the back wall. Door leads to a couple more rooms. 
Same room just more of the ceiling/roof. 
A small part of the outside of it. These bricks are hand made. Could see bits and pieces of vegetation in them and the water is wearing them away little by little.
Looking in another window. It is made differently - an add on maybe?
Even a different ceiling/roof. Wish someone would buy it and restore it. Wonder who owns it? 
Oops - this one almost caught me. Look down when walking.
A look at the new 3 floor parking garage. No idea when it will be done. But they are putting tiles on the walkways around it now. A few years ago this was just an empty lot that was used - sometimes - for parking. 
That's enough for today. Will share something tomorrow again. We live such an exciting life. I shouldn't complain, at least here we can get outside in the warm sunshine and enjoy not being close to others. 
Oh before I forget. Las Vegas has ended its 240 day drought. Get this - they got TA DA  0.04 inches of rain at the weather station. Is that enough to even make the measuring device damp? I guess it is. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Hi Carol & Bill - We love looking at the blog, especially on these cold, windy, rainy Pacific Northwest evenings. The pictures are great!! We are definitely missing our Mexico time. Thanks for sharing! Please say hi to Raff for us. Hugs and stay well!!

Suz said...

Some of the really old bricks were made with horse hair mixed inside them. Love and hugs from your former neighbors in Indiana.

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - weather this week will be 75 most days, but lots of humidity. Oh well, can't have every thing. Looks like it snowed in the mountains around Vegas.
This is a different year, have to be careful where we go and what we can do.
Suz - good to hear from you. It is fun to discover all the old hand made bricks in the old buildings here. Stay warm and stay well.