Thursday, January 27, 2022

Centro walk

Tuesday morning we indulged our sweet tooth and went to Antigua again for delicious crepes for breakfast. I've taken enough pictures so not adding any from there today. But after breakfast we took a walk around the neighborhood. So some pictures from that. This one I just like the way it looked. Sunlight and shadows. And a pretty building. Some different things caught my eye. You can see La Antigua across the street. 

I had seen some graffiti while driving in area so wanted to check it out. I need to remember to not just snap the picture but to observe what the picture will show first. Never remember seeing the shadow when I took the picture. 
Time has taken its toll on this one. Looks like she has a big bug on her nose. It is actually a hole in the plaster. 
A look down one of the streets. Look at the cables! There was an article in the paper the other day about all the TV and Internet cables being strung around town. Look at the homes on the left side of the street. There are eight different ones. Each a different color. And no parking for any of them. 
Interesting garage door. One of the lucky homes to have a garage. Sometimes I wonder if they bought two buidlings to turn one into a garage. Or if it was done before historical restrictions were being enforced. 
Speaking of cables.....Spaghetti any one? There is a roof top restaurant up there. 
On this walk we passed several buildings with the original walls but empty and falling apart inside. The roof were made with wood beams that have rotted and fallen down. 
A couple still hanging on here. I hope that some of these places will be saved before they are completely gone. This area of town, as far as I can tell, was built in mid to late 1800's early 1900's.
Found some more graffiti. The windows in this old building have been sealed up.  A lot of work in this one. 
Bright sun and shadows don't make for good pictures - oh well. Best I could do. 
The top of this one was pretty well gone. Just flecks of paint left. See the alien and chicken.
Different. I wonder how old this is? 
The wind, sun and rain take their toll on everything. 
I find this interesting. All by itself. For who, when, why? I hope who ever it was for saw it and still sees it. 
Across the street another old building. Walls still standing. Everything inside falling apart. This building is almost a full square block. Nature is taking over. 
Old hand made bricks. Many layers of different colored plaster showing. 
Tile or plaster made to look like tile on these walls. 
Some of the old ceiling beams piles together in this room. Doors lead to a central patio. 

Looking into the patio. Some one got in there and left their mark. The bricks are start to dissolve. 
Lots of vegetation in this room. Check out the wood framing the door. 
You can see all the windows have bars on them to keep people out. Can see the building across the street. 
Heading up another street. These homes have been restored in lively colors. Love the colors here. 
Hum... just finished or did they run out of paint? I would guess just added on and not quite finished. 
A flowering vine growing across the roof. 
This is Angel's Lane. 
So What? you ask ... well because.
A close look at the flowers on this blooming tree. They resemble orchids. 
Guess who has been shopping in Panama Bakery. Looks like they have a lot of goodies. 
Like a dummy I forgot to take a picture of the building that this sign describes. First documentation 1830 and it is still in use today. 
And then back to the car for the ride home. Hope you enjoyed our stroll. 


Mark said...

I was with you on that walk and I never saw the garage door with the elephants on it...

Carol and Bill said...

Stay with me, don't stop and talk with him.