Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Sights around town

Just some sights from around town. This one amazed me. He pulled out in front of us and almost lost control because of the load. I hope he made it to where ever he was going.

I wonder how he even managed to get it loaded. Had to have taken more than one person to get it to stay together before putting the rope around it. Crazy!!!
Unexpected trip to Centro for breakfast at La Antigua. All the patio tables were taken so we got to eat all by ourselves in one of the small rooms. Interesting light fixture. The beams are original to the home. As is the plaster on the walls. 
We were sitting right in front of this wonderful old stained glass window. Some pieces of glass are missing and the panes are bowed in places. 
Lots of different types of glass used in it. 
This panel is really bowed. Pieces missing. The colors are beautiful.
A lot of intricate work in it. 
Another room to our left with a table in it. 
Looking towards the front of the restaurant. 
The details with tile fascinate me. 
Just a street we were driving down. 
Tile steps leading up to a restaurant. 
Three of the many statues along the Malecon. To keep cars from parking here the city has set out potted plants. 
I have always liked this one. 
Stopped for a light looking across the water to the hotels on the Malecon. 
More cross walks being painted. Sure messes with the traffic. 
Valentino's. They are doing a lot of restoration work on it. Thank goodness. 
Getting set up for the cruise tourists.
Selling white lilies.  
Waiting for the tourists at a Senor Frogs. 
Like I said just some sights from around town. Yesterday we went to El Quelite so do have some pictures of the bridge that was washed out during one of the hurricanes. 


SandyM said...

Lovely photos of the stained glass - hope they protect those windows before it is too late.
That load on the motorcycle brought back memories of our visit to Vietnam - it is amazing what they haul on motorcycles - mirrors, mattresses and a second person to balance those big items. The hardest ones to see were the animals they haul - dogs, cats, piglets, ducks, chickens and more.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - the window is so pretty and the work is great. I hope some one some day does repair it. So far haven't seen anything with four legs on a motorcycle - but lots of other things.