Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Another walk

Saturday morning was a perfect day for walking. Did 2.6 miles again. Seemed easier than last time. So maybe I'm getting my walking mojo back again. Though I should have walked yesterday and didn't. Need to make a commitment and stick to it. Especially with all the pastries I'm eating. One of the big succulents I passed by. 

Here they are called "shade tree mechanics."
This building was started before covid, nothing going on here for three years - lot of this here in Mazatlan. edit - there was a load of cinder blocks delivered today and some workers around the building.
Oh, oh, the walking path had an accident. Hope it gets patched before it gets worse. 
Another new building going to be built here. The depiction of what it will look like.
A small hotel I passed. 
Now that is my kind of paint job!
Strange decoration on the roof of a home. 
One type of tope. They do slow you down. Except as time passes and cars go over them the bumps go missing and can bet the cars go through where there are no bumps.
I walked all the way down to where there is an inlet from the ocean. 
I used to go through this area out to the breakwater to the small light house. Maybe next time I'll go that far, if it is still possible to go through. 
Lots of coconuts on the trees. All the palm trees in the RV park were being trimmed as I left the park. 
Lots of undeveloped land in this area. Probably not for long. 
Another look at the home with the colorful whatevers on the roof. 
Wow, two buses had pulled into the colorful red hotel while I was walking. That should fill it up. 
A new addition to this building in the last year or so. 
Just thought this was pretty. A high rise behind it right on the ocean. 
This arch has been here for years, but nothing ever got built behind it. The high rise you see on the loeft is the one that goes with the picture above. Took this picture through a chain link fence.
This building looks so out of place. It is a known chain hotel. But BLUE???
A pretty hibiscus flower. 
Like these reddish plants.
And this one too. So many different kinds of plants grow here. 
This is what the land all around the RV park used to look like. Miss it.
My tablecloth on the table. I really like it. 
One nice things is we had to buy the whole piece so I cut it in the middle and now have an extra table cloth when this one wears off. 
Went to Centro again this morning. Busy two cruise ships in. 


Doug and Nancy said...

And another great walk-about in Mazatlan with our favourite guide!

Kathy Tycho said...

The very ugly blue and white Park Inn..an eyesore!

Jackie McGuinness said...

I know that walk!! Love the tablecloth.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - glad to do it.
Kathy - eye sore is being nice.
Jackie - yep, familiar walk. Either north or south...