Saturday, January 14, 2017

A busy day for our captured tourist.

We had a really busy day yesterday with Mark. We told him not to eat breakfast and he met us at the campground about 9:15 and off we went. Down the new toll bypass around Mazatlan and off at the old road to Durango. Our first stop was the bakery at Malpica. I've written about a lot so if you want more information and/or pictures use the search button. Here is Bill talking to the bakers husband. He removes all the pans from the big wood fired oven. Mark is looking over the selection of rolls and bread. The baker is packaging up Bill's purchases. He got every croissant in the place. [We buy a lot of them for other people, not just us.]
 Mark made his decisions, getting his pineapple filled rolls bagged. 
 The outside of the big wood fired oven. The wood is put inside and the fire started around 3:00 in the morning to be ready to bake about 7:00 - We usually get to the bakery around 10:30 when the rolls we like are coming out of the oven. 
 Lots and lots of different kinds to select from. I like t he sweet buns that are braided and then topped with sugar. 
 From the bakery we went across the street to watch the man who makes the colorful tiles. Tiles made in this manner cover many of the floors in the older buildings. The bottom part of the mold. The man has oiled the form and sprinkled dots of color on it. 
 The colors on the bottom of the mold. 
 He has put the bottom part into the big mold and is carefully pouring a thin white cement mixture on it. 
 Then he sprinkles dry very fine cement on it. 
 Then tops it with a layer of very fine wet cement. 
 The lid goes on, it goes into the hand operated press. Pressure is applied by lowering the long handle.
 This is the finished tile. It will have to sit on edge and dry for a couple of hours. 
 A close up of the finished tiles. He makes the design with the colors by using the eraser end of a pencil to move the colors around. 
 Mark bought a tile - they make great hot pan holders or a pretty wall decoration. His tile is being signed. 
 As we were headed back to the car we saw a couple of women cleaning flowers off of some vines. I asked Bill to find out what they were doing. 
 They were taking the flower for making the soft drink Jacamia off the vine. Then they take the flower off the center seed ball. 
 The plant is dried. To make the drink the dried flower is boiled and then sugar or honey is added. The seeds are removed from the ball part and replanted.
 He was telling them about the way I like to drink it, by adding cut fresh fruit to it. YUM
 From Malpica we headed to where the laundry ladies wash their clothes. But we were too late yesterday. All the laundry was done. But we found an older couple who come here every so often so the man who has arthritis can soak in the hot mineral water. First time I've seen a donkey there. 
 Then on to Concordia. The big church there. I've also written a lot about Concordia in the past. 
 Leave it to Bill to manage to find covered parking for Willie.
 Concordia was founded because of all the mining going on in the area and then also became famous for the hand made wooden furniture made there. So the mining bucket and big wooden rocking chair in the plaza. 
 The ice cream cart. Home made ice cream. Both Mark and I had a cone. It is really good tasting and has a different texture from regular store bought ice cream.
 One quick picture of the church. Notice how thick the walls are. It was 90 degrees outside and very cool inside. 
On our way home. We were driving down one of the major streets in Mazatlan when we came across this herd of cattle eating in the center divider. Luckily none of them ventured out into the street while we were going past. You just never know what you might find in Mexico while driving. 
 Before letting Mark go for the morning we took him to see the great mosaic mural on the side of the convention center. It is beyond words to explain. This is Cortez. The mural tells the story of Mazatlan and the discovery of the Sea of Cortez and the many species of sea creatures.

We let Mark off to return to his hotel to rest and prepare for his meal at Fat Fish later in the day. 
I just realized I didn't take any pictures at Fat Fish! Not of the ribs or Mark enjoying them. 
Then we went to the look out point to watch the sunset, one of the best so far this year. Just enjoy. 

 See the fishermen standing on the rocks at the bottom of the picture.

 The new lights had just come on. 
 From there we went to the Plazuela Machado just to walk around and see what was going. Only on entertainer there. We were there early so not even all the vendors were set up. 
Home for a much needed rest. This morning we will meet up and go to breakfast at Torres before starting our adventures today. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Good Morning from White Rock BC where it is STILL cold. Below freezing here but expected to "warm" up this week to 6-8 Celsius, whoppee!!

Great post. Too bad we never had a chance to get up to Concordia or Malpica. Next time!! Hugs!

Dirk Digler said...

I'm on holiday in Vietnam. And I enjoy your posts everyday. Your pictures capture life there and I think I will travel there for a visit. You've made it so interesting. Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

Wish I could send you some warm and some of the delicious bread from Malpica. How did we miss going there with you?

Carol and Bill said...

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of wonderful people and places.

our awesome travels said...

Looks like you are enjoying Mexico brings back memories of our fun times there on the Isla. Have too much fun there.

Carol and Bill said...

Hard not to enjoy it.