Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Went into San Blas yesterday.

Tuesday, our first full day on the beach. We are between San Blas and Aticama. Closer to Aticama. The entrance to El Chaco RV Park, Hotel and Restaurant.
ooks like the weather here will be nice for a week. Threat of rain last night but it never happened.
Our spot. Nice cement patio and parked in grass. Full hookups. US$14 a day.
Looking towards beach. Only 6 full hook up spaces.
More of the park. There are ramadas on the beach with tables.
The hotel rooms on the right.
The pool. There is also a restaurant. Have to go there to get the Internet.
The beach here is used as a highway. Really busy in the morning.
We decided to go into town to see our friend who owns a restaurant there. Part of the road from San Blas to the campground is being widened near where the new Autopisto from 15-D will join up when it is finally open. This part is done except for lines. 
The government has bought up most of the land around the newly constructed road. Everyone thinks the area will really grow once the new toll road is opened. It will cut driving time to less than 1/2 hour – instead of the horrid drives down here now. This part is being worked on. Half done and half dirt. Of course all traffic is on the dirt part.
And here comes the water truck. Guess who had his window open. Also got the Jeep all dirty and he was just washed in the morning.
End of the new road part. Back to the two lane road.
Entering San Blas. The arch was repaired and repainted a year or so ago.
Our friends restaurant Tradiciones. We managed to park right out front of it.
Inside waiting for breakfast. Javier, the owner, Bill and Victoria the cook. More talking than cooking going on. The cook is in the kitchen. The sink for washing dishes is in the area to the left behind Javier.
He has done some decorating since last time we were here last spring. Every time we come here the restaurant has been changed a little for the better.
Javier told Bill the story of the tequila bottle on the table. Seems the man running for mayor gave a bottle to all the business owners in town so they would vote for him. BUT – the bottle contained alcohol, water and tea for color. No tequila!
A bunch of bananas laying on the floor. Lot of plantations in the area.
From the restaurant we walked a block up to the plaza. A big full sized nativity scene.
And a rather strange huge Christmas tree. At night it is amazing – a real light show.
As we walked around we saw that the plaza is being tore up. Going to replace all the paving stones I guess. We were hoping to find our friend Melissa there. She wasn’t. She is the Indian who makes Bill his woven beaded hat bands.
The streets around the plaza are full of vendors. Trinkets, clothes, hats, fish, produce and food stands.
It always surprises me that any one manages to have and keep electricity. Looks like someone spilled spaghetti.
More pictures of the busy streets around the plaza.

 As we spend more time here I’ll take more pictures of life here. There are a zillion bicycles and motor scooters here. Most of them have more than one person on them.
We were surprised to discover this brand new Coppel store. Very modern for this town. They sell among other things electronics, furniture and clothing.
And just up the street was a pickup loaded with watermelon and other produce.
Finally got yesterday’s blog posted – took over an hour with the intermittent Internet. Then read until time to go back to town with our friends for dinner.
Here are some pictures of the Christmas tree in motion. Quite an amazing light show. 

Don't know what we will be doing today. 

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