Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunset in Aticama

We did absolutely nothing all day yesterday. Well I take that back. I spent several HOURS over at the campground restaurant trying and finally finishing posting my blog. The Internet here is the pits. I first tried in the morning and gave up after 45 minutes to post the first three pictures. Then went back around one o’clock and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing it.
Bill did not feel good most of the day so he never left the RV. Luckily here we can hook up to our friend’s Shaw TV – Canadian. So at least he could watch TV. Politics and commercials.
At least the weather is real hot but it is quite humid and I think that is partly what was bothering Bill. This morning even the laptop feels damp.
My knee is getting quite a bit better, barely swelling but still stiff to bend. So I’m not even doing much beach walking or anything.
So far I haven’t been bit by the famous Jeejeenees. No-see-ems. And haven’t used any bug spray.
We did have a nice sunset last night so those are the only pictures I took all day. 

And that is all for today's post.  Weather is good but humid.

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