Saturday, January 28, 2017

A walk on the beach


It has been four weeks since I took my graceful fall in Mazatlan so I figured I’d try it out with a walk on the beach – 4800 steps. By nighttime I had in 6200 steps. Hooray.

The weather here is the best we’ve ever experienced here. Barely in the 80’s with a good ocean breeze. Good walking weather.

So I started out heading north on the beach. The tide was way out so lots of hard sand to work on. Just next door is a place where one can rent kayaks and boogie boards.


As I walked on I came to the area where a new Malecon was built last year. It is in the area where the new pier is going in and where the new Autopista will meet the beach. There is a bike path, many areas of exercise equipment and play areas. I took a lot of pictures of it last year. I am approaching it. No idea what the platform is for.

 An area of exercise equipment. Some rust on the pieces and it already needs repainting. Lots of sand on the bike path.


A closer look at the steps to a platform of some sort. It is nowhere near the water nor big enough to be a lifeguard stand?

A little kids play area. The swings are gone and the grass has turned in plots of dry weeds. The palms trees that were pretty last year are now dead.

 Looking at the pier that is being built.


Here is a poster on the highway showing how it will look. Notice how it is so pretty and out over the water.


Doesn’t seem to be much water where it is being built. Machinery hard at work.  It was low tide. [Right now as I write this it is high tide and the end of the structure is over water.]

But back to the beach. I’m not really a beach person, don’t spend much time on one. I never realized all the tiny life that lives in the sand and water. No idea what made these intricate tiny lines. But they were fascinating to look at.

And these little piles of wormy looking sand. About 1 inch high by 1 inch wide. Some a little bigger. I did knock one over and it was just sand.


Some shells, not many. A dead fish that kind of looked like a snake, ick. Clam holes – all kinds of interesting things. And this area of tiny holes, zillions of them.


Also an ultralight landing on the beach.

Ollie working on his ultralight. George, he says “Hi.” And talked about the video you made while he was flying you around the bay.


John and Shirley [our friends we visited in Idaho during the summer who are now here] had us over for dinner last night. Thank you very much, very enjoyable evening eating, good friends and conversation. A different sunset.


The mechanic is here now putting Willie back together – hopefully the clank, clank is gone for good. Nope CLANK is fixed but still a noise, now the shock is being checked out. It is aftermarket shock so...

So most of our time here has been spent at the RV. No pulmonias to jump into to get anywhere else. Did catch the ice cream man driving his pickup truck up the beach last night and got a couple of my favorite treats – strawberries covered with whipped cream. Perfect desert. The strawberries are frozen in a ½ pint container, he opens the container and breaks up the strawberries and then adds big dollops of whipped cream. Got two, one for last night and one for today.
Posting here is a challenge. Today there is no way I can control the spacing and it takes 3 to 4 times to get the picture loaded. No idea what we'll be doing, depends on the car, the mechanic and Bill.


Contessa said...

Of course the temps there are perfect, we are freezing here. 71F out in the shade.

You really need to check out the beach more often at low tide, we have all that and more. I love watching life in the sand.

Janet said...

Glad the knee finally getting better. Really enjoyed the beach photos, it will be i teresting to see the changes when the new highway finally opens.