Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gremlins at work around here

This is our 78th day since leaving home. Noticed that it is going to be raining in Vegas for a few days. Weather here is different too. This is the coolest winter we’ve ever had here.
I was reading an English Mazatlan paper and came across this article on  
Mexican laws.
“Foreigners who violate the terms of their VISAS may be sentenced to up to six years in prison. Foreigners who misrepresent the terms of their VISAS while in Mexico – such as working without a permit can also be imprisoned.
Under Mexican law illegal immigration is a felony, could result in the following up to two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 to 500,000 pesos. This will be imposed on a foreigner who enters the country illegally.
Permisio Para Trabajar Visa to work is issued to those who already have a Temporary Resident Visa and wish to earn income from being a musician, artist, real estate, hair dresser, self employed, landlord etc. Once cannot be hired by a large employer.”
Just thought it was interesting.
The Jeep got picked up yesterday morning by the painter at 9:30 – might have it back Friday – or Saturday – or ??? He, the auto body painter - not the mural painter - wasn't happy with his job when he put the new graphics on the Jeep so he is redoing part of it.
So being stuck home decided to give Arvi a good cleaning inside. Lots of vacuuming, dusting, washing floors. Polishing wood. I started to vacuum but Bill wouldn’t let me finish. Guess I looked kind of weird. We have a Dirt Devil and to use it effectively I have to be on my knees. Well still can’t kneel on the bad knee so I had on leg straight and on the other knee. So like a wonderful husband he took over the vacuuming. Thank you.
So I went out to watch the birds eat. Always a pleasant thing to do.
Noticed that the mango trees are starting to get their blooms.
While I was watching the birds Bill was fixing breakfast. YUM. 
Here is the polar fleece I bought the other day. I started to fringe the pink one yesterday. Had to do the cutting outside as I get lots of little puffs of material when I cut it. But a good shake and it is done shedding.
Discovered this moth on the side of the Jeep. Kind of different looking.
Yesterday I managed to screw up my laptop. Somehow I lost AOL. So I redownloaded it. Installed it and still can’t get it to open. Did that a couple of times – eating up my GBs. Still can’t get it to work. So this morning I backed up the laptop and will fool with it later up in the office using their Internet. I don’t need to use AOL but that is where all my addresses and favorites are. Luckily I can get to my mail through IE.
Also yesterday I had to place a call to the states. Call went fine. But later when I looked at the phone I had a message “Unsupported SD card. This device doesn’t support this SD card.” No idea why – nothing has changed on the phone. I hadn’t even been fooling with it. It still works – so guess I’ll ignore it.
Then later when I went out to take pictures of the beautiful sunset this is what my Sony gave me – nothing but gray and white!!!!
By fooling with the picture in Photoshop I could get some color in it but not much.

So I got out my Fuji and took some pictures. It was worth it.

So guess today I’ll try to straighten things out. I hear the birds, the sun is on their food tree and they want FOOD.
Already finished one throw - doesn't take long to make them. 
Boy the Internet is VERY slow today - wonder why? Another gremlin?

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