Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Morning

We are doing a weird thing this morning. Trying to use up our data so we can go to the TelCel place and buy another 4GBs which will last us as we travel. We have used up 94% of our data so not too much to go. They cannot refill the data until it is ALL GONE.
Yesterday I spent half the day fooling with my laptop trying to get AOL running again. Restored to a different date, uninstalled AOL, downloaded it again, installed it again. Nothing. The problem is with Windows 8.1 - I have to be able to run it as administrator and I can't figure out how to do it. So will leave it alone until another day. I tried a couple of suggestions I found on line and just made a bigger mess for myself.
Because I use AOL as my mail it made me upset, even though I know I can get to my mail through IE and even through Chrome. So that's what I'm doing. I could even use Bill's laptop. So really no big deal. Just irritates me.
Didn't do much yesterday either, even with the car - it looks great - here. Went to breakfast and to the market for the ATM to get pesos - 21.42 to 1 dollar. Then to Sam's Club and WalMart to get a few things that are harder to find in San Blas.
I went to bed early for me before 10 and slept late this morning almost 8 when I got up. Bill keeps asking me if I feel okay. I do, just needed the sleep I guess.
We'll straighten things out in here today, ready for moving and leave tomorrow for San Blas/Aticama area. Plans still in jello stage - waiting to hear from friend in Aticama about spaces in RV park.
It is only about 170 miles there, mostly on toll road - expensive toll road - US$55.
We had the RV washed yesterday. And will need it washed again when we get back as we'll be right on the ocean there. The manager here will make sure no one parks in our place while we are gone. Good thing to have friends in high places.
So that's it for now. Might add more later if plans change


SandyM said...

Come see us in Rincon Guayabitos - not that far from Aticama - we are in Pescador RV Park

Contessa said...

You can put as much money on your Telcel account as you like as I explained in my email and then just watch it and when it gets low then buy another packaged of GBs.

Carol and Bill said...

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks