Monday, January 2, 2017

Belated Happy New Year.

It rained here off and on all day New Year's eve and into the night. But didn’t seem to stop the celebrations. Sounded like a war zone at midnight. Lots and lots of fireworks and just plain BOOMS.
Yesterday morning, New Year's Day it was beautiful out. Blue, blue sky with some puffy white clouds. No wind.
Spent about an hour sitting outside watching and listening to the birds.
The hawk came by again today, even picked up a piece of bread to take with him.

Bill cleaning the dew off of Willie. Now he wants to get an awning for over the car. 
But back to the last couple of days. I mentioned we had to take Willie downtown to the auto shop to have the clear coats put on him. It took a couple of hours so Bill and I walked over to a restaurant for dinner. I was wearing my very old black sandals – the same ones I was wearing when I tripped going into Denny’s a few months back. I should have thrown them out then – when I raise my foot to go up a curb the sandal flapped down just enough to catch the curb. You see what is coming here. On the way back to the car I did it again. Such a graceful thing to do. Again scared Bill have to death. One second I’m there the next I’m sprawled all over the sidewalk. Got both knees again, both hands and this time managed to let my face connect with the cement. Luckily it just barely touched, all I had to do was brush the dirt off it. Have a very tiny bruise that isn’t noticeable except to me. So now I have one knee that looks like hamburger and one knee the size of a grapefruit. And an aching body. The shoes are in the trash. First thing I did when we got home. Again I got lucky, no broken anything except pride. Hardly any bruising, just swelling. And once I get moving in the morning no limp or anything. Now whenever we get near a curb Bill grabs hold of me like I’m a doddering old lady. Hum…?
Yesterday, New Year’s Eve we went out to breakfast across the street. Ended up sitting in the bar area to eat as we were later than usual and the palapa was full. 
New Year's Day in paradise
After breakfast we went to the grocery store. Then mostly stayed home till later when we took a drive to see the sunset. 
The new lights at the look out point. Kind of neat looking. 
 Young girls enjoying the evening. 
 The houses on the hill looked like they were made of gold with the setting sun shining on them. 
 Getting ready to set. 
Down she goes. The clouds were beginning to turn pink. 

 The new lights were actually working already. Looking at them going down the hill towards the harbor. 

 After the sun set we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. After all it was our anniversary - 52 years. Ate at Casa Canobbio. Bill had lasagna and I had a delicious fish. 
The plaza was packed, very few gringos, mostly Mexican families. We left soon after the music started as my leg was starting to tighten up. 


Unknown said...

Carol, sure glad you threw those sandals away. What a wonderful blessing to have 52 years together. Again your pics are great. Don't you love having the birds all around.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, hope your injuries heal quickly. Can't wait to see Willie, he looks awesome.

Carol and Bill said...

I should have thrown the away a long time ago. But they were the only black ones I have/had. Maybe will see if another pair can be dyed black

Carol and Bill said...

I can get around fine - just look funny.

Phil said...

That picture where you had breakfast, how tall is that building in the background? Is it all condos? Two per floor? How much? I assume it is right on the beach. I wonder if there are any rentals.

SandyM said...

Goodness, after reading about your falls I think need throw away a pair of black sandals that sometimes catch on the sidewalk or curb that causes me to stumble but so far I have not fallen. It just jars my teeth. So very happy your injuries were not worse. Love your pictures of the bird life especially the Hawk - always look out for Hawks when we drive anywhere - they are beautiful birds. Willie is looking extra special.

Carol and Bill said...

It is all condos - only 6 of them were sold, don't know if they'd rent any out or not. It is right on the beach. I think 4 per floor and they were very overpriced. The pool and rec rooms were never finished. Land for 2nd tower has been sold.

Carol and Bill said...

Throw out those shoes!!! Wish I'd done it sooner.

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. My friends just left here this am and they are going to be in Mazitlan. I showed them a pic of Willie and they are going to look out for it and introduce themselves to you both.

Carol and Bill said...

That would be nice. We are out and about a lot. Where will they be staying? In hotel or RV park?

Wendy said...

In a hotel I think, when We e mail I'll ask.

Contessa said...

Happy belated 52nd anniversary.