Friday, January 13, 2017

In Centro with Mark

Yesterday we picked Mark up around 11:00 and took him to the Centro Historico. The weather was perfect for wandering around there. Sunny but not hot. 
Here is one of the new crosswalks completed. Kind of blurry cause I took it out the front dirty window as we went over it.
 Here are more guys replacing curbing near the GoldenZone on a very busy road. Notice their caution barrel. 
 A little further on - he is mixing cement for the curbs, at least he had a cone but it was not on the oncoming traffic side of him. Think OSHA would have a fit?
 In old town, just a couple of murals on a wall, forgot to read the sign on the building. I think it was something nautical. 
 These used to be the windows.
 Drove through a part of the residential section. This house is for sale. One problem with homes here - there are no garages. And street parking is hard to find.
 This one probably is for sale too, needs a little work. 
 We parked and went over to the bakery for cinnamon rolls. They were already sold out. The girl told us we have to be there by 10 at the latest. This is a mural in the cafe part of the bakery.
 Another picture of the outside of the building - it is one of my favorites of the old buildings. 
 The main government building - where the mayor has his office, downtown is being prepared for painting. 
 And some kind of work is being done on the church. There is a guy on the roof holding the rope. And for once the man on the scaffolding is wearing a safety harness. 
 He is pretty high up there. 
 Then we went to the Central Market. Amazing how many people we know and stop to talk to there. 
However, we do not know this butcher. Cow head meat any one. The tongue is sticking out of its mouth. Ugh. 
 Some nice packaged fruit. Looks delicious. We bought a kilo of tangerines. About 50 cents a pound and they are very good. 
 Mark bought a shirt there. But other than that we just looked around. We did run into Contessa and Colin who were having lunch at their favorite shrimp burger place in the market. Talked to them for a bit. This is more like a small town than a lot of small towns. Almost always running in to someone you know. Then we went to the Plazuela Machado for lunch. The Indian dancers were there again. No pictures. We all had good lunches. Bill wanted Fresca - the waiter said they didn't have any. But then he added they did have it in a 2 liter bottle and they used it as mixes for drinks. So we asked if he could sell Bill a glass of it. After he thought a bit he agreed he could. I had green tea with ice, sugar and lime. Mark wanted to try the Coke to see the difference in taste from Canada. So we all got kind of what we wanted to drink. Sometimes it is a challenge.
Back in the car. Entertainment at the red light. 
 Guess we just missed him. Maybe relocating to another intersection. 
We also stopped at the big Mega supermarket to assure Mark he could still get meat that looked like what he buys at home. In Styrofoam and wrapped in plastic. Also bread, milk, canned goods etc. 
Dropped Mark off at his hotel and came on home. We did quite a bit of walking so I wanted to take care of my knee - stayed off it and iced it some. Isn't bothering me too much. 
Bill went out to take a picture of the sunset. There is just too much mist/fog in are for it to be really pretty. But nice none the less. 
Watched the news - again the problems with the price of gasoline is the main news. Things are ramping up a bit.- most of the problems are from Mexico City but some as far north as Monterrey. Bill is keeping a close watch on it. We filled up and it was US$2.82 a gallon. 
Today we go to Malpica for more delicious bread. 
I hear the birds - guess they are wondering where their food is. 

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